My Super Bowl Throwdown Entry

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Nice Jed, way above my level!
Definitely not above your level Cliff, Ive seen your posts! I appreciate your compliment though!
Just a great cook on all fronts Jed. Lots of hard work ,
but it sure was a great looking feed for sure.

And I bet no complaints from the crowd at all, except with you in the way with your picture taking, lol

Hope things start rolling back to a normal pace for you soon.

Thank you David, I appreciate it! I did get a few funny looks when I was telling everyone to stay away until I get a picture, this forum does not encourage normal/sane behavior with food! But it's great and a lot of fun.

It'll be a while before things settle down for me, but that's why life has challenges, to let us enjoy the good times!
Don't worry Jed. You've always been a little off :emoji_laughing:, but you sure know how to cook ribs.

Point for sure
Hahaha! Thank you Chris, Im in good company then, a group that's all a little bit off! I really do appreciate your time and compliment!
Great work Jed and that’s a lot of fine looking food! I wouldn’t mind being invited to a Superbowl spread like that.
Thank you Ray! I appreciate it, you are always welcome to my table and to my beer!
It was a pretty stiff contest, some great entries. Glad you posted this as I've been wondering who I voted for, I would have been all over that spread!

Thank you Dave, it was an outstanding contest and I have no problem loosing to the other amazing entries! I really appreciate your vote though and the compliment!
Absolutely superb Jed!! What an amazing array of food. So many great entries, this being one of the very best, it was hard to pick one. You guys crushed it and I'd sure as heck stand in line for a plate of that meal you put together. Excellent job buddy.

Thank you Robert! It was a really fun contest ands all the entries were incredible. Its what makes us get better at anything, excellent competition! Anytime in the next month you get back to your boyhood home Ill have a plate ready for you, no need to stand in line! After this May you will have to suffer through a visit to San Diego though!
Jed that’s just a beautiful collection of masterful food. Rib color is some of the best I’ve seen.
Thank you Jeff, I appreciate it. That Cola BBQ sauce has some amazing color to it, cheating a bit with the Traeger helps too, lol. Thank you for your time!
Everything looks great but those ribeyes fresh on the grill caught my eye.
Thank you Texas! Doing the reverse sear is my standard approach for red meat anymore. Nice smoke bath followed by a fast and hard sear is pretty incredible!
Doing dishes like can make for a difficult conversation with the wife in the am when she grabs a plate from the cupboard… Or the dishwasher is full the wrong kind of bottles…..
Hahaha, I always get in trouble for doing it wrong anyway. She thinks I do it on purpose to avoid the chore, but I think she changes her OCD tendencies randomly to have an excuse to yell at me, lol! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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