My second sausage adventure, looking for Spanish Chorizo recipes

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Dec 29, 2022
Vernon, BC Canada
I now have all the equipment needed for small batch sausage making, I have 2 small batches of snack sticks, now I want to try another one of my favorites, Spanish spicy Chorizo. It may be a difficult second sausage but thought I would ask anyway.

Are there any suitable recipes out there for a 5 lb batch? I know there are a couple of good books (Marianski etc.) but I would like to make something this weekend and don't want to wait for mail order. I've done a bit of research but am finding wildly varying recipes and methods.

Would love to hear from someone who has made some and tell me if this is something I can do, or should just continue buying from my local supplier.

Thanks all.


PS if Chorizo is too much of a challenge, I'll try spicy Italian.
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Here's the recipe from the Rytec Kutas book. I made a 10lb batch 13-14 years ago, was good.

10lb pork butt, grind thru 3/8" plate
4 Tb canning salt
1 cup white vinegar
5 Tb paprika
3 Tb hot ground pepper
3 Tb fresh garlic, chopped fine
1 Tb oregano
2 tsp CBP
1 cup water

Stuff into 32-25mm hog casings, dry in fridge overnight on smoke-sticks of wire rack. RAY
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