My second brisket ever, trying Smokin'Al's method for this flat

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Ya it feels pretty good at the end of the day when it's all done and you're sipping a fine red wine and eating brisket and potato salad and fresh bread.

I don't think Myron Mixon has anything to worry about but still, I like it when things work out. ūüćĽ

Thanks everyone for the compliments, much appreciated, it was a great learning experience. I want to try one on my Kamado and offset now. It will have to wait for a few months though, too much snow on the deck.

I'm planning to build PID controllers for the Brinkmann and Kamado this spring, I love playing with electronics.

Great looking meal.
My PB820 had been acting up so a quick phone call and they sent me a new controller and temp probe which I installed this week and decided to try another brisket flat today.
Did the new parts help with temp control?
As this is only my second brisket and first time being able to continuously monitor the meat temp, is it normal for the temp to rise to 110* within the first 2 hours when the smoker is only 180*?
A pellet grill is basically a wood fired convection oven and the initial temp rise is very fast, but the stall is tough to pull through and resist the urge to up the grill temp.

I get to the stall and wrap and move to the oven. Why waste pellets smoking foil?
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Thanks John, you and I think exactly alike. I let it get thru the stall then moved to the oven.

Well, no, the new parts didn't fix the temp swings, ha ha, I had my doubts but it was a warranty thing so had nothing to lose. It would hold just fine for about 20 minutes, then would jump to 280 and drop back down slowly to 230-240, then stabilize around 240 (it was set for 225). Sometimes would drop down to 210 for a while then hold. I think it is just the fixed timed function that these controllers use, there is no feedback to the controller and if there is, it doesn't seem to react to it. I know the variations aren't critical to a good smoke as they average out to a reasonable temp, but it does make one wonder....There are PIDs for these and I tried incorporating one into this but it was damn difficult to tune and I gave up (for now). Maybe Ardunio to the rescue.

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