My second brisket ever, trying Smokin'Al's method for this flat

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Dec 29, 2022
Vernon, BC Canada
I bought my first pellet smoker just before Christmas so I could smoke a brisket on Christmas day, which turned out great, was surprised as it was my first, but I have been smoking for years on offset and BGE. However I was outside every 15 minutes most of the day as the controller was acting up....arg!

My PB820 had been acting up so a quick phone call and they sent me a new controller and temp probe which I installed this week and decided to try another brisket flat today. I am following SmokinAl's method of flats using a broth under the brisket, fat side down. I injected broth last night and put some rub on this AM and at 8AM it went in the smoker. I start with the smoke setting for an hour or 2 then bump to 225 or so.

So here we go, I won't be out there every 15 minutes today hopefully, but now I can also monitor from inside on my computer, I built an Arduino controller with 2 temp probes and wifi, works great! You can click on the link below and follow along. :emoji_laughing: :emoji_sleeping:

More as the day progresses.


WiFi temperature link below

Smoker and Meat temps

Jan 14th brisket.jpeg
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Thanks guys! Appreciate the support.

As this is only my second brisket and first time being able to continuously monitor the meat temp, is it normal for the temp to rise to 110* within the first 2 hours when the smoker is only 180*? I'm guessing it weighs about 3lbs and is about 2" thick where the probe is placed. It came out of the fridge about 15 minutes before I put it on.

Here we are 4 hours into the smoke and the meat is 155*. Just topped up the broth in the pan and basted it.

Just wondering if this is going too quickly or should I leave the smoker at 250* and if the meat continues to climb, back it down to 225*?


Jan 14th brisket 4 hours.jpeg
Ok, at 1:30 it stalled at 165. It took another 1.5 hours to come out and continued to climb to 170, then stalled and actually started dropping, could be I bumped the probe when basting. I took it out of the broth and flipped over fat side up for 45 minutes and it didn't climb anymore so I decided to finish it in the oven wrapped in foil. Sorry Al, I'll try your way again with a smaller flat.

Now it's been in a 300* oven for 1.5 hours and it's up to 190, going to let it go to 200, then pull and check with the toothpick.

Here are a few pics when I pulled it out at 8.5 hours. I also made a loaf of country bread and big batch of potato salad...was a busy day.

Time for a beers.


Jan 14th brisket 8.5 hours fat down.jpeg

Jan 14th brisket 8.5 hours fat up.jpeg

country bread.JPG

potato salad.jpeg
this looks great! i should get some bread recipes. my parents are bringing potato salad, my sister is bringing 7-layer salad, another friend is going to bring green bean casserole.

how did it turn out?
Well, it just hit 205 so it's coming out of the oven and I'll wrap and rest it for an hour or 2, until I get hungry... I decided to just let it go to 205, sticking it with a toothpick won't make it any more tender. :emoji_wink:

It should be fine....fingers crossed.

You have a long journey ahead...a very long smoke indeed. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow. I can hardly wait for spring. I have an offset stick burner as well but my smoking wood is under 3' of snow. Pellet is so much easier for me in the winter.

One question, does it need to rest and stay at 205 or should it start cooling off some, i.e. do I want it well insulated or just a tea towel around it and let it slowly cool down to...??

One question, does it need to rest and stay at 205 or should it start cooling off some, i.e. do I want it well insulated or just a tea towel around it and let it slowly cool down to...??

i usually drop mine in a cooler with an old towel inside (to soak up leaks). let it cool for a few before putting it in there or it'll keep cooking in the cooler and you'll end up with it overcooked (had this happen once and it was falling apart before i could even slice it). sorry am just now seeing this. you do want it to cool, but not too quickly. i don't typically check temps after i pull it out to rest.
Thanks Nate,

I unwrapped it and just tented some foil over it, over an hour now and it's now 150*, ready to slice...stand by.


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