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    I've been playing with a recipe for the past 10 months or so, and I think I've finally honed in on a winner.

    Wanted to see what you guys thought of it or if you had any advice/tips to make it even better.

    Spare Ribs, STL Cut, cooking on a WSM

    Step 1: Peel that membrane

    Step 2: Coat in Olive Oil

    Step 3: Rub it with my homemade rub: Pepper, Salt, 2 types of Paprika (Hungarian and Regular), Chili, Turbanado Sugar are the main things. Then a little bit of Coriander, Garlic, Onion, Cinn, Nutmeg, Cayenne, Alepo and some other stuff.

    Step 4: Get that smoker between 225-250 - depends on where she wants to cook that day

    Step 5: Toss in Cherry, Hickory and Peach wood chunks

    Step 6: Get the ribs on

    Step 7: Spritz at the 90-minute mark. In the spritz, apple juice or cider, water and dab of whiskey - spritz again every 30 minutes.

    Step 8: When the bones start to just start peeking, time to wrap. Each gets brown sugar sprinkled, honey down the line and a little Parkay - both sides.

    Step 9: Back on the smoker for about 30 minutes. Check'em to make sure they're not falling apart at that time.

    Step 10: About 30 minutes in foil, unwrap and glaze. The glaze is a mix of a very thick sauce with a very thin, mildly hot sauce. Then a little real hot sauce and a spoonful of whiskey.

    Step 11: Set that glaze by lettin'em cook another 45 minutes.

    Step 12: Lightly foil and let sit/rest for 30-45 minutes.

    Step 13: Re-glaze, slice n eat!

    What do ya think? You guys hungry? Few pics below, 1. Freshly rubbed, 2. Setting the glaze, 3. An Instagram filtered one - that red color did come through pretty well, probably a little overdone in the filter :)

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    They look tasty. The red pics look like a radioactive experiment!
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  3. ej73

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    lol - here's a much less filtered version:

  4. sauced

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    Look real good!
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  6. b-one

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    Don't worry about the color for me I'd eat them all!
  7. ej73

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    Ha - thanks, man!
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    They look delicious!

    Nice job!


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