My latest build

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Oct 12, 2008
Here is a smoker I built a while ago. I figure I could post up some pics of the finished product.

Here it is each tray is 20x30 inches (over 20 sqft) and there are 5 of them. This was built on consignment and the owner wanted 3/16 instead of  ¼ steel.  The door seals shut with some channel and gasket.  It will do way more then what he inteanded and he is very happy with it. I wish I had some pics of what we did with the handles but I didn’t get any. We spray them with a see through blue so it has a accent, which turned out very cool.  I wanted to do a cool handle but obviously the owner was ok with what was there.  Any ways this is the finished product. Thanks for lookin.


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they came through now but 2 are sideways.....oh well
I really don't know. I am guessing 500-700lbs. I might figure it out tomorrow when I have access to a book I have on weights of materials.

Thx for all the compliments
Thats a awesome smoker.And out of 3/16 steel !!! bet it will hold heat good.How much did it weigh???
You just need a little bit of practice bud. Good seein you also
Mad Welding and design skills man!!! Great job!  Good to see you again!

I wish I could weld like that!


It hasn't been a ton maybe 10 or so. I have been making a lot of art stuff lately and sculptures.
Nice Smoker Jerod, how many have you made now?
Go figure that's what I did. thanks
IMO u could sell that.  Looks killer.  Solid.  I like it. 

No not right now. The customer is putting it on dirt so I didn't want it to sink. If he ever gets concrete I can put casters/wheels on very easy.
Nice job,Was there any plans for casters/wheels
Great looking smoker !!! Did you cut the smoke chamber and the fire box from one piece or did you have a seam and grind and buff it out ???? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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