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  1. haywire haywood

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    Now don't be too rough on me... Haha..   propane turkey fryer, cast iron pot, flexible exhaust pipe from the auto parts store routed to an amazon box (not shown) for a smoking chamber.  My normal modus operandi is to spend money on equipment to try something then selling it a year later at 30 cents on the dollar.  If this doesn't hold my attention I'll just toss the amazon box on the burn pile.  I'm going to try cold smoking bacon in this contraption.  I still need to put that metal pipe in the sink and clean it of any oil that came on it.

  2. If you can control the heat and the smoke you should be good to go. Nothing like smoking on the cheap!

    Happy smoken.

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  3. haywire haywood

    haywire haywood Smoke Blower

    Well, first attempt was a bust.  The chips actually caught on fire and the temp spiked to 140.

    Edit: Attempt 2.  Wrapped the new chips up in aluminum foil and poked a few holes in the top to limit oxygen access.  Maybe they'll just smoke now.
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  4. haywire haywood

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    Success.  the foil bag worked.  Had to open the hole up to about half an inch but then got plenty of smoke and the box never broke 70 deg.
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    Nothing like rigging up something from nothing! Have fun cold smoking your bacon!
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