My First RF build, wish me luck.

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  1.  Ok, as I promised when I introduced myself, I would keep you posted on my build. This is my first ever, so wish me luck. Also, please do not be afraid to jump in with any advice or suggestions you may have. I went to Ohio to get my tank straight from Quality Steel. It is brand new off the assembly line. Failed hydro so they were going to strap it. Now I don't have to worry about trying to get the propane smell out. On ,my way back to Vermont, I found this trailer close to home on Craigslist. So far tank 150.00 and the trailer 250.00. Here are pics of both. Starting on trailer first. It is super heavy duty, and over kill for the build, but I couldn't pass it up. I have to cut the welds and move the axles forward about a foot i think to get it to balance. Right now it is very tongue heavy.     
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    Might want to hold off on moving the axle. You should have 10% to 15% of the trailers weight on the tongue. Figure out how much your smoker is going to weigh and where on the trailer you are going to place it to calculate where the axle needs to be for minimum 10% tongue weight.

    This is not an easy thing to do early in the build.
  4. Thank you, I have been having a hell of a time posting the pics. 
  5. Thank you for the advice. So I should hold off on the trailer right now huh? I know I am going to have some weight once I am done. If things go right the trailer is going to have a 50 gallon water storage, and a place for wood, and two propane burners, and a small charcoal grill for chicken and hamburgers or any grilling that needs to be done. So thanks gain, I will hold off on doing that. 

    So the first picture is of my co-pilot for the trip to Ohio. As you can see Bubba did a great job of helping me stay awake, and with the driving. Quality Steel, I was in metal workers heaven. Pallets at least 8ft high of 1/4 steel plating. That you for all the advice so far, please keep it coming. I didn't realize that there was so much science that goes into one of these. 
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    Wow, you weren't kidding about that being a heavy duty trailer. With all the stuff you will be putting on it, I think the tandem axles will serve you well.
  7. Ok guys my next question. I separated the to parts of the axle today. Trying to decide if I would be better off putting that small section back under the main frame, or just put the axles on the main part.
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    I have no idea of the meaning of what you just said.

    Can you attach some pics to explain what you did and what you want to know?
  9. That's ok smokejumper, I don't know what I said either. Here are some photos to help explain. Basically I am trying to figure out if I would be better off having the double frame of just the single with the tandem axles.

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    As long as the side rails of the frame are strong enough, you should not need the "H" frame. Seems all it is doing is raising the deck height.
  11. Thanks Smokejumper. I was thinking that it was going to be overkill.

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