My first pork shoulder smoke!!! (W/QView)

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Going to be starting my thread with a many thanks for all the help during the planning stages of this smoke. I've got two 6lb pork shoulders that are boneless. I've tied the cut ends up with twine and have rubbed them down for the night.

    Going to be cooking on a Traeger Lik Tex Elite using Hickory and cherry pellets. Starting the grill up at 530AM and smoking through the day with a target finish time of 6pm earliest and 8pm latest.

    Going to out them directly on the grate without pans or foiling (unless my target finish time is going to bust) and hoping for some great bark and awesome Q.

    I'll keep updating this thread as I go through the morning and evening! Here is the first QView pick of the prepped butts
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    Sounds like a plan!!!
  3. It will be good. Keep the pics coming.

    Happy smoken.

  4. ---UPDATE @ 4:31AM---

    Got the Traeger Lil Tex Elite fired up and preheated to 265*

    Also have the meat out of fridge to bring it up to room temp for approx 30min before putting it on the grill!

    Got the meat on the grill and noticed I was lacking some smoke so I dialed the temp to about 236* to get some more smoke inside the chamber!

    Next update in hopefully 4hr when I take the first temp reading and keeping the fingers crossed that I don't violate the Danger Zone!!!
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  5. ---UPDATE @ 9:08AM--

    Went outside and it smells AMAZING!!! Utilizing a Maverick ET-732 I inserted two separate probes into the shoulders and here are the readings, I think it's safe to say in past the danger zone!!!

    I do know I have a bad probe for Probe 1, since I calibrated with ice water and Probe 1 read the temp at 40* while Probe 2 read the temp at 34*

    I think I will keep the Traeger set at a cooking temp of 225* for now, as I am happy with the IT readings so far. Come noon time if it is looking bad I might bump to 250*

    Thoughts so far?
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