My First Fatty!!

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I was so excited to try my first Fatty, I had to make two of them do to the required consumption of my family,,haha!

I used about 1.5lbs of ground chuck in each 1 Gallon Ziploc bag. I rolled them out and put slices of Colby Jack Cheese on them and a generous amount of Jeff's Rub I then wrapped them in some thick bacon. OMG they came out awesome!

I rolled them up and smoked them at about 200 degrees in my MES for just under 2 hours along with some nice Baked Potatoes. Everything came out great except the Potatoes needed longer to cook.

I do have one question though,,,, With 3 racks in the smoker, I never know which rack to use? Does it matter? I know the bottom one is closer to the element, but as far as the smoke, if I am only using one or two racks, which are the est ones to use?

Here are a couple pictures and thanks!!

Nice looking fatties Jim,  If you get a can of biscuits and spread them out over your racks then do a smoke without the smoke just heat and see where they burn and where they are uncooked it will tell you where the hot spots are and the difference between racks.

You are welcome Jim,   This will only tell you what your smoker is doing when there are only biscuits in it but it will help you to identify hot and cold spots.  When you put 10 - 12 lb butt in the smoker it will not work anything the same as the test with dough.  The air flow and the temp changes caused by the meat heating up and taking up space will change. If you have meat on three racks instead of two then the flow of air in the smoker will be different.  Every smoker is different and you just need to learn yours.  My Dad used to say anyone can do but a craftsman can do perfect. The only difference between a craftsman and an amateur is time and practice.

Good luck and good smokes.

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