My first boston but.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ocsnapper, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. OK every one I'm going to try my first Boston But Thursday and I think I have every thing set in my head. But one or two question,
    1. first off is it better to but the meat on the top or bottom rack. ( I have a WSM)
    2. Is a hour and a half per lb# about the right cooking time, will longer make it more tender.
    3. What should be the meats internal temp be.

    I have the meat rubbed down and am letting it sit for a day so when I get home form work around 3am I will be firing up the smoker.

    I'll take some pics and let ya all know how it goes

  2. smokingscooby

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    I use a gasser and put my butt in the middle. As for cooking times, that is the average. 1 1/2 hr per lb. But cook to internal meat temp not time. During your smoke you will hit a plateau, where the butt will sit at a temp i.e. 154 for a couple of hrs. The temp might even go down. This is due to the fat and connective tissue being broken down. Do not turn the temp up, as this could dry out or make the meat tough. cook until internal of 165* then foil with a little apple juice/ jack D combo and put back in smoker. For pulling I let it go all the way until 200 - 205. If your going to slice, probably around 190-195.
    A butt is a forgiving piece of meat. So temp spikes are not as critical as in other meats. I am sure other peeps will chime in with more advice

    Good Luck
  3. dutch

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  4. What ScOOby said, you can't go wrong.
  5. txbbqman

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  6. Thanks everyone I'll let you all know how it goes...
  7. alx

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    I smoke with a wsm.If you are doing one butt i would cook it on top grate with therm probe on top grill, as close to meat as possible.The edges of grill are hotter on wsm.
    If i foil at 160 degree it is usualy hour per pound or less, to get to 200 degrees.
    Unfoiled it is 1hour 15 minutes to 30 minutes per pound minimum.
    I average 250 degrees for butt smokes with full waterpan.
    I use 6-8 chunks at beggining and add 2 more halfway through if i want smokier.

    Good luck.Will check out your q-view.
  8. OK it's Thursday 2:55 am the butt has been marinating for 24 hours I just got off work and have start to get the coals started for the smoker.

  9. danmcg

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    Good luck with your first butt Ocsnapper.. Keep the Q-view coming!!
  10. billbo

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    Looks good so far although smoked cat is not my cup of tea.
  11. 7:20am check in.
    Keeping the lid on for now.

    Temps holding.
  12. bassman

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    Now you have all the information you need. Make sure you post more Qview as the smoke progresses.
  13. Just added some water to the smoker, every thing looking good

    Just one Q about foil wrapping.. at what temp and why. still new at this..

  14. danmcg

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    wrap it at 160 internal, somebody else will have to explain why :)
  15. mikey

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  16. Thanks for the info and link
  17. reichl

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    people foil to braise the meat. I have done it with and without foiling and I can tell you that foiling leaves the meat a lot more moist. good luck, it's looking really good!
  18. the dude abides

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    You wrap in foil because as the meat gets hotter it will tend to dry out. The meat is safe to eat at the foil temp if all you want to do is slice it. But foiling it will let it steam or braise in it's own juices and help to break down the meat and fat further. This will make it great for pulling.

    I like to foil mine at 165 and add in about a half a cup of apple juice. Then back on the smoker or even the oven at this point since all you're doing is heating it. And take it up to 200. Then let it rest for an hour minimum in a cooler (still in the foil) covered in towels or crumpled up newspaper. This is allowing the juices that have naturally pushed out of the leaner areas of the meat to start to reabsorb back into itself. Again, making it juicer and easier to pull.

    I just did my first butt on a WSM this past weekend. If you get bored you can check it out here.

    Your's is looking good!
  19. smokingscooby

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    ^^^^ What Dude said!!
    Butt looks great.
  20. OK check in time it's 11:15 est butt has smoked for about 9+ hours I've just wrapped it in foil and replaced the prob. and opened up the vents to heat things up.

    After about 20 min the temp has risen in the smoker and the internal temp of the butt is looking good.
    the one on the right is the meat temp and the left is the smoker.

    OK the next time I check in I should be done eating.. will have some more pics of that and what ever else turns up MMMMMmmmmm can't wait.

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