My first 80Gal RF build... This is going to be a blast!

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by alaska, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Alaska,

    Thought I would throw my two cents in as a ROOKIE builder.  I put my flanges on the door first so they would be a clean solid piece all the way around the door. Then I attached my hinges to the edge of the flange and the tank. It ended up being a very low profile kinda of a clean look, and so far they seem to be working OK. Now if I could just find enough time to finish my build.
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    I wish I had a dime for every idea dave has.....LOL Keep them coming
  3. It all depends on what kind of hinge your going to use. You could go with a flat, weld on hinge and install it " in line" with the door flange, where as, one leg of the hinge acts like the door flange for the length of the hinge. Then just buy flat bar to match and it give it a seamless look.  The kind of hinge Dave recommended will probably work better though, off setting the hinge will give a better fulcrum point and give the door a more even seal area around it.  Its a little harder to get the hinges aligned if using more than two, but its worth it.
  4. Dave, extend the flange in your pic so as it acts as a door stop as well...

  5. radioguy

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    Here is a picture of the hinges I made for my build.  I had seen these on SilentHunters build thread.  Check his build out he has some good pics there. 

    Anyway it matched my wallet and what was in the scrap bin.  These are 3/16" thick, I did put a block on the other side to act as a door stop.  Inside both left and right sides. 

  6. alaska

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    I already picked up the weld on hindges that I posted in a earlier photo so if I get a good bead on the flandge and the tank don't you thing that would work out? I was going to use my plasma to cut out the door. Have you seen any post where the inside flange was a problem? I really like the look of that drawing though...
  7. alaska

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    I'm a rookie myself and appreciate every opinion I can get, thats how I learn. Its great having everyone willing to share their designs and when you use it they don't start barking that I copied theirs.
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    Sure.....  You also could get some 3/8 x 2" flat bar and do something similar...  Lay it flat and have a hump or 2 in it to rise up over the flange... 
  9. alaska

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    Got the air inlets in the FB today along with the tubing on a couple of the sides for the insulation. 

    Got a question guys…. How much room do I need between the RF plate the my lower cooking grate. 

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    looking good
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    Looking great, Alaska. I'm not the resident expert, but it seems that the norm between the rack and rf plate is 4 1/2". Good luck.

  12. alaska

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    Well guys I started on the CC door last night. I decided to cut the top first to see how much it would spring. I used the plasma cutter and it was like butter. The lid side raised about an eighth of an inch which wasn't too bad. I then measured out my flat bar and cut it. After looking at the gap I decided to drill holes in the flat bar so I can get it seated. I also cut notches in the on the lid itself so it can be welded from the back side once I get it open.

  13. daveomak

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    I have no idea how a guy lived, before the days of plasma......   stuff gets so easy.....    nice job....

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    Alaska it you have a great looking build going.  After cutting one line of my CC door yesterday and looking at your last post about a plasma cutter I think that I need one.  I do have a question about what size flat bar you are using for your CC door?  I have some that is 3/16 X 1 inch and am thinking on getting some that is wider. I will check back on you progress often and see what you are up to on your build.   GB
  15. alaska

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    This build has been very fun especially with all the support from the guys. I felt the door would do something strange so I cut the top horizontal line then cut the notches like Dave mentioned  Squib had done. I wanted the flange to appear to have studs holding it on so I drilled hols in the flat bar and filled them in. The bar I used is 3/16 X 2in. I centered it at one inch over the gap. made my holes a 1/4in then welded them in place. I will get some more photos tonight.
  16. alaska

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    Huge mistake on my build.... I was reading one of the others guys build and Dave mentioned "if your lower air vents are too low you will stir up the ashes which will then work its way to your meat" now thats not an exact statement but it was the part I latched onto. Plasma cutter to the rescue. I sure wish someone had told me sooner but I'm glad I caught it before I put the insulation and outer skin on. This is what it look like at first. Thanks Dave...

  17. I don't see a problem with your vents where they are !  You are build a RF correct,  ashes would have to travel up from the FB, through the CC opening under the RF plate to the opening at the other end then back across your meat to the stack. Long way to travel. If you are not having forced air or a blower, directly blowing hard air on your fire I don't see a problem. I guess you could get ashes on your meat from any smoker regardless of vent placement if you have enough forced air going through. If these are just vents drawing air through I don't see this happening. My openion

  18. alaska

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    With this being my first build I'm trying to eliminate any possibility of problems just to be on the safe side. I want to have the wood sitting in a basket with would sit on rails inside. Take a look at the bottom of the FB, I have a 2.5in lip so my ashes will have to sit and I didn't want them getting stired up. We get some crazy 60+ MPH wind gust from time to time and even in most homes the wood stoves will puff out ashes like an old school train. I moved the lower vents last night and began getting the outer skin cut which will hide that terrible weld job.
  19. Understand,  we usually don't have 60 mph winds WOW !

  20. Be sure and post some new pictures


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