My 4th attempt at brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by thekrazyraven, May 11, 2014.

  1. needless to say, im happy with the results

    cooked at 275 till it hit 160 then foiled to 203. Think it took about 5 hours total, rested for two. I had my pid controller hooked up and it kept the temp steady all day. Also used royal oak charcoal. Rubbed with the garlic onion paste from the smoking meat cookbook. I injected with about a cup of beef broth. Also it was a certified Angus choice brisket
  2. noboundaries

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    What I great looking brisket!!!!!  I can mentally feel and taste if just from your picture!  Give yourself a big pat on the back!!  [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. cprmom

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    I did my first brisket today. It wasn't juicy at all. You cooked to 203 internal temp? Mine was 170. The rub was amazing and it was just ok.
  4. noboundaries

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    Cprmom, you didn't go to a high enough internal temp.  170F internal temp is WAAAAAAY too low for brisket and chuck roasts.  The connective tissue that gives tough cuts of meat like a brisket its juices START to melt at 170F.  You need to go to an internal temp of 195F to 205F to melt them more thoroughly, filling the meat with juices.  Shoot for an internal temperature of 200F next time and watch the magic happen.
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  5. waterinholebrew

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    X2 what Noboundaries said !!
  6. cprmom

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    What?! I may have to get a piece for next weekend. Better to place it lower or higher in smoker? The temp was at 170 for a good hour and didn't budge. I will try again!
  7. waterinholebrew

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    That's the infamous stall ya hit there.... The stall can last a couple hours, that's why some folks foil, but I don't foil personally cause I like the bark wayyy to much ! Get ya another and give it a go... I do the toothpick test personally & start it bout 198* IT.... If the toothpick slides in easily, it's done... Pull, foil, wrap in towels and put in a cooler for a few hours to rest... But I've had briskets go as high as 205* IT before toothpick test worked... Hope this helps !
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  8. waterinholebrew

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    That's sure an awesome lookin brisket ! Thumbs Up Great job ! :beercheer: :points:
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  9. demosthenes9

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    X2 and X3 to all of the above.

    Nice brisket KrazyRaven.
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  10. worktogthr

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    Looks really great! Congrats!
  11. I just hope my 5th one is just as good!

    I also realized tonight that all the thermometers I used on saturday were off! The pit probe on my maverick was broken and the one on my controller was off too, when trying to calibrate the pid tonight it died....
  12. geerock

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    Hey Raven....that pic should be in the dictionary next to great smoked brisket. Really nice!

    Absolutely need to get to around 200 IT. And then you have to wrap her up in double foil with some juice or drippings, wrap again in a towel or blanket, and drop in a cooler for minimum 1 hour. Two or more is even better. Patience is needed with brisket. They're gonna stall. You just have to wait it out. The pic of that meat above is proof of the reward.
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  13. Now this looks just beautiful and even juicy and moist and lovely! Great job! Cheers! - Leah
  14. kingt36

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    beautiful brisket!
  15. nozzleman

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    My scratch and sniff screen has left my stomach growling on this one!
  16. hickorybutt

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    That brisket looks awesome.  Looks like it had great fat marbling, and you've gotta love a glazed piece of brisket from rendered down fat.

  17. ron eb

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    That looks fantastic.

    Where do you buy that quality cut of meat?

    My markets only have the corned beef and cabbage type of brisket.

    Is it just the flat?
  18. I got it at a local meat market, they had it right on the shelf. I do have a small butcher near me that can get me anything I ask for, but they dont stock much of the bbq cuts because its not really popular in New England.

    its a full packer, thats the point and flat cut in half
  19. dougmays

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    Great looking brisket and super juicy!

    CPRMom...give it another go, alot of great advice up there. Position in the smoker doesnt really matter in a vertical smoker in my opinion...obviously you dont want it to low and close to the fire or you risk drying it out or burning but most smokers are made so that the "bottom most" rack is half way up the smoker vault. 
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  20. I did a 9 pounder for Mothers day.  It was actualy my 3rd attempt but my first one in my Masterbuilt electric. I injected it with a cup of beef broth mixed with Jeff's rub, then rubbed with same. I put it in at 1:00am @ 200 degrees.  @ 7:00am I put in a pan with more of the mixed broth and covered with foil. Took it out at 3:00pm with internal temp of 195. I put in a foil lined ice chest and covered with towels for 2 hours.  This was the best by far brisket I have ever eaten. Served it on a peice of Rainbow white bread with a little of Jeff's sauce on it. The Mothers at my house went ape over it.
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