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Discussion in 'Beef' started by justin83, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. I almost had a heart attack when i paid $3.48/lb for my 14 pound packer, and it was the smallest one in the case, I saw a 22lb one and thought to myself "I don't want to smoke it for 30hrs". So i decided not to inject my brisket like a friend suggested, I'm from Texas and that just seem like sacrilege to me. I put a basic cracked black pepper, sea salt and chili powder rub on it, and went with a mix of 60/20/20 cherry, mesquite and hickory. I started it last night at about 1am and had to open it about 2 hours ago because my neighbor wanted to throw some chicken on there. I have pictures of the beginning and from 2 hours ago (about halfway in).

    Approximately 6 hours ago I went inside for like an hour and came back out and the temp had spiked in the smoker to 500°, so if it looks a little charred that's why.
  2. brooksy

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    Looking good to me so far. Can't wait to see the final product.
  3. It was stalled at 154 for about 3 hours now, but it finally started moving again
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    You can cook it at 850 degrees for one minute or five degrees for four days...

    Auntie Marialanis cooking show! Lol

    If you want a good laugh look that up on YouTube. It's a comedy sketch by Rap Reiplinger...
  5. brooksy

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    You planning on wrapping?
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    Let's get to the important part, are burnt ends planned? Mmmmmmm I love burnt ends!!!!
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    Looks good , Justin . It's likely climbing in temp. again now , just be patient and let her go unwrapped and get some great "Bark" , you already have a good start there...[​IMG]

      Bark is Goooood [​IMG][​IMG]

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