Mozzarella Thursday

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  1. Second time to do Mozzarella   Posted some pictures this time. Didn't get as many as I wanted but doing this by my self missed a few shots

    Citric Acid, Rennet , non Chlorinated water

      Also trusty Temp gauge

    And Milk

    I mixed 1.5 tsp of Citric Acid in one cup of non chlorinated water

    poured in pot added 1 gal milk (Do not use Ultra Pasteurized )

    Slowly stir till temp comes up to 90 º

    Remove from burner

    Mix 1/4 Rennet Tablet with 1/4 cup non chlorinated water

    Stir in rennet mixture very slowly from bottom to top, just a few stirs

    Cover and let sit for a min of 5 min (I ended up letting mine sit for about 9 min.

    you are looking for a consistency of thick custard.

    Once consistency is reached cut in a checkerboard pattern

    going all the way to the bottom (You will feel it)

    Return to burner and very very slowly start stirring, keep stirring

    till the temp reaches 105 º  Then remove from burner

    and continue to slowly stir for several more minutes 

    Here is where I stopped taking pictures. with your skimmer spoon

    start dipping out the cheese curds there will be lots of liquid drain

    as much as you can. After removing All the curds from the liquid

    Put in a microwaveable bowl, turning the curds back on them selves

    and pressing and pressing and draining as much liquid as you can.

    Once this is done place in microwave for 1 min on high. Remove from microwave

    drain liquid and start kneading the cheese like you would bread dough.

    At this point I add my salt  I sprinkle about two tsp. stretch it out salt both sides knead

    some more. Then back into the microwave for 30 sec. remove and knead again, 

    Should be able to stretch it, if not microwave again for 30 more sec.

    Form into whatever shape you like put in an ice water bath for for about 15 min

    remove pat dry and eat   I mean put on a plate and in the fridge 

    That's it

  2. c farmer

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    Very nice, gonna have to try it.

  3. tropics

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    Gary that is a great tutorial, I have seen some stores that make their own. What time you smoking it LOL
  4. Thank you    c farmer    its easy and good


    Thank's tropics, it's not hard at all   maybe next time on the smoking

  5. I Need to get into the cheese making. I smoke a lot of it. I just need to take the next step and make it. 

    You make it look simple enough. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy smoken.

  6. Hey David it is real simple, got a wild hare last week and decided to give it a try, looked it up on the internet and that was it first batch I made last week turned out great but needed more salt so this time I added more. Flavor is exactly what I was wanting.

  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Hoo , Gary. You got Trish looking at this , wants some [​IMG]. Yankee Pizza Girl , ya know [​IMG]. We're fixin' ta do some . Let you know how it goes .

    Thanks for the look ,Stan . . . 
  8. I use to work up north a lot. Most of the stores had cheese curds They had all sorts of flavors added. Garlic, dill, rosemary, and on and on. I would make a meal out of them. Then the deep fried cheese curds with a dipping sauce. I did a honey bee display for the grade school kids yesterday at the county fair. They had a cow milking display going on. I ask the girl doing the display where I could get raw milk. I was thinking making some cheese. She was across the state so she couldn't help me. Oh well I guess the store bought stuff will have to work till I can find the raw stuff.

    Happy smoken.


  9. [/quote]

    Fresh mozzarella.....looks oh so yummy. Great post!!!
  10. I was Thinking ?????    I know Mozzarella is supposed to taste like Mozzarella, But what about Jalapeno, Basel, Garlic or Bacon Mozzarella ?

  11. dirtsailor2003

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    We add all kinds of fresh herbs to our mozzarella. I say why not!
  12. tropics

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    gary how much cheese do you get out of a gallon? I am having a hard time finding Whole Milk,that is not Homogenized

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  13. It will be homogenized  you don't want ULTRA Pasteurized  Most milk that is processed locally will be pasteurized which is OK  just make sure it's not ultra past.

    I didn't weigh my cheese but here is a picture of it on a standard dinner plate

  14. tropics

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    Thanks that looks like I will get enough to make my Home Made Lasagna
  15. Should be plenty,   You will like making it. Add your salt after you have squeezed out all the water and are pulling and forming it. First time It needed more salt the times after I got it right.

    Be sure and send samples of you Lasagna 

  16. What are your thoughts on fresh from the cow and store bought milk?

    Happy smoken.

  17. Hello Gary.  Gonna have to try this!  I know a dairy farmer really well so I can get milk fresh from the cow, cream and all.  Should make a fine cheese.  Thanks for posting.  Keep Smokin!

  18. If I had fresh milk available close I would use it   Should be wonderful   Let me know


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