Braised Chuck Roast, Beef Marsala Gravy, & Homemade Egg Noodles (Pic Heavy)

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Think you will now be known as Gravy Guy! And looks delicious! Even the asparagus casserole looks good! My plate would be flooded with gravy! So yours looks good!
Very much appreciate the kind words Ryan. Please remember from previous posts, when taking pics for a presentation I try not to smother everything with gravy so folks can actually see the food :emoji_wink: What you see in the pic is not necessarily how it looked when eaten. Believe me, there was additional gravy added :emoji_laughing:

Meal fit for a king Robert. Personally love the idea of going vertical even if the 'shrooms didn't cooperate. How long did you leave the asparagus go on the grill?
Thanks so much Matt. I actually didn't time the asparagus. I just go by the way it looks as the color changes when cooking. I'd guess 20 to 25 minutes.

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Beautiful plate Robert, I'm with Tracy on the schrooms.
Appreciate it Chris. Seems as though mushrooms are a love / hate kind of food. Some folks love them and others hate them Not much middle ground.

awesome write up and one great looking meal!! thanks for sharing this!
Thanks you very much for the kind words. As terrible at typing as I am, this one took some time to put together for the post but it was worth the time.

That looks wonderful Robert, few things go better together than beef and mushrooms (if you like them)…presentation or not, that’s a meal worthy to be on a menu at any fine dining establishment!
Hmmm what do I say besides wow! The last time I smoked chuckies I made burnt ends. They were good but braising looks awesome. I think I know how I am doing it next time.
Robert that looks really good!!! I love noodles like that and smoked chuck can be elegante for sure, it's just full of flavor! The color on your roux looked perfect, it has that rich nutty flavor like that, per tastyness for sure! We have done shrooms in the sauce and seared over the sauce. My son likes them seared an on top. I really like the big bella concept.... I could see some sliced, scored and grilled versions of those working themselves into a meal in the future......

Very nice work and thanks for the props!
Robert amazing cook start to finish! I may have to copy you and Civil and keto this up!! I swear that chick is perfect the smoke ring has a smoke ring!
Another great looking meal! Got me to thinking about that roast I got hanging out in the freezer.

Those chucks sure pick up great smoke ring. Looks awesome Robert. Even that side!
Thanks Brian. This roast really did get a nice smoke ring, probably the best looking one I've ever had.
You are killing me with all this pasta!!! I been pretty bad last few months and trying to stick to low carb until get BS stable.
Sorry buddy. Don't mean to do that. Keep an eye out and I bet you can find a low carb recipe for the pasta.

Robert, civil's recipe really had me thinking and now THIS?? Mighty fine representation, my friend and I've got to do it soon...well as soon as I can lift the lid on my smoker...:emoji_wink: Only difference would be mine will be loaded up with mushrooms...
Thank you my friend. civilsmoker civilsmoker certainly posted a winner with his and I tried to do it justice. Now you just gotta get going and make it happen :emoji_laughing: I'd love to load it up with mushrooms but gotta keep the Minister of Finance happy so had to adapt.

Awesome and out of the park Robert! Braised has become my favorite and you crushed it!
Thanks so much for the kind words Jed. I'm thinking about trying an experiment this weekend: braised chuck short ribs. I'm sure somebody has done it but I have not and can't help but think they would be really good.

Looks awesome, Robert! Could go for that right now. Love the pic of Yuengling too lol.
Appreciate it Derek. I'd forgotten about the pic with the beer but as soon as I saw it I thought of your comment in the other thread so had to tag you on it :emoji_wink:

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