Braised Chuck Roast, Beef Marsala Gravy, & Homemade Egg Noodles (Pic Heavy)

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
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Fair warning: this was a very involved and lengthy process so a lot of pics for documentation. A couple weeks ago our good friend civilsmoker civilsmoker posted his absolutely amazing chuck roast and beef Marsala gravy. Sometimes we see a post here and just say to ourselves "I gotta make that, no matter what" and that's what happened with this one. As soon as I read his thread I got a chuck roast out of the freezer to defrost and made the meal the next day.

The roast: 3# CPB Chuckie.

Seasoned up with the insane rub mixture I put together a year or so ago.

I wanted to save the drippings from the roast for the gravy so got the rack from my turkey roasting pan, turned it upside down on the Rec Tec with the roast on top and a foil pan underneath.

An hour and a half at low temp / extreme smoke. Bump temp to 265 and let it go.

Time to get the dough going for the egg noodles. All the goodies in the Ninja food processor.

Dough ball getting happy. Here ya go Derek ( Central PA Cowboy Central PA Cowboy ) this one is for you :emoji_wink:

After a couple hour rest in the fridge, the dough is ready to roll out.

A plate full of fresh egg noodles.

I wanted to do something fun, creative, and different with asparagus. Decided to make a grilled casserole. Asparagus tips, 3 T melted butter, Parmesan cheese, and fresh minced garlic.

Mix it up and into a CI skillet and top with some bread crumbs. Looks kinda funky, that's for sure.

The roast at the 5 hour mark. Starting to separate but that's ok.

Time to get the beef Marsala gravy going. Butter and flour for the roux and simmer till it starts to get fairly dark. I didn't get any drippings from the roast so had to start from the scratch with the gravy.

Beef broth, Marsala wine, BTB beef base, and black pepper. simmer till it thickens and try not to pass out from the amazing aroma. This stuff is off the charts!!

Here is where things get really twisted up. Civil went traditional and put mushrooms in the gravy. Tracy isn't a fan of 'shrooms but I am so had to find a different way to work them in. A big Portabelle cleaned out and ready to go on the grill for a few minutes.

The roast after about 8 hours smoking now into the braising liquid, exactly as Civil posted it. I did have to make one small change. No red wine opened so I used Dow Ruby Red Porto and Vermouth instead. Back on the smoker now.

Couple more hours and the roast is ready to pull. Oh wow!!


Pulled, back into the pan with some of braising liquid, and onto the grill to keep warm.

Asparagus casserole on the grill.

Portabella on the grill to lightly cook.

Noodles into a pan of boiling water for a couple minutes.

Bring it all in and start final assembly. Mushroom with noodles loaded in, pile on the chuck roast, and top with the gravy. Serve with a side of the asparagus casserole.

And the close up shot of course.

This was an absolute winner of a meal and as legit as it can get from one of our most respected members. Hats off to Civil for posting this. Never in my life would I have considered smoked chuck roast to be upscale or elegant, but this certainly was. A truly decadent dinner. I didn't get the visual I was hoping for. I'd envisioned this phenomenal, fantastic fungal feature with a beautiful mushroom bowl of perfection but what I got instead was a Portabella pancake. As soon as the hot noodles and roast hit the mushroom, it cratered. Still had the amazing flavor I wanted but the visual fell far short. Oh well, was still one fine meal. It was an all-day marathon and a ton of work but oh so worth it in the end. A very simple plate but it hit on every flavor indulgence I was hoping for...and that asparagus casserole was over the top good. I know there are a few folks here that love the stuff and I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Oh well, long winded and I'm calling it done...but you were warned from the outset :emoji_wink:

Take care everybody and have a great weekend.


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Think you will now be known as Gravy Guy! And looks delicious! Even the asparagus casserole looks good! My plate would be flooded with gravy! So yours looks good!

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Meal fit for a king Robert. Personally love the idea of going vertical even if the 'shrooms didn't cooperate. How long did you leave the asparagus go on the grill?
Beautiful plate Robert, I'm with Tracy on the schrooms.

Point for sure
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Awesome meal Robert, you got one helluva smoke ring on that chuckie! Top notch stuff all the way my friend!
Those chucks sure pick up great smoke ring. Looks awesome Robert. Even that side!

You are killing me with all this pasta!!! I been pretty bad last few months and trying to stick to low carb until get BS stable.
Robert, civil's recipe really had me thinking and now THIS?? Mighty fine representation, my friend and I've got to do it soon...well as soon as I can lift the lid on my smoker...:emoji_wink: Only difference would be mine will be loaded up with mushrooms...😂
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Awesome and out of the park Robert! Braised has become my favorite and you crushed it! I’m with you on the shrooms, I just picked up a bunch from my “mushroom guy” and am looking forward to a go, but I’d trade them in a heartbeat for that plate! Points!
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