Mongo - Stumps Clone Build - Gravity Feed Smoker

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Oct 17, 2013
Seymour, Missouri

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Very nice looking build. I'm a huge fan of the stumps design built myself one a few years ago. Great job on your built.
Great build. I too am a fan of the stumps clone and have one drawn up for my future project. I gotta give a thumbs up
Nicholson I tried making a gravity fed cooker on the back side of a pic cooker but I used a 3/4 valve instead cause the 2 1/2 was so pricey but I had trouble with my fire so you think that was the problem also it was about a foot under the actual fire
Sometimes even with a bigger valve establishing initial airflow can be an issue. I found that big valve of mine for $5 on ebay. You may need to buy, or make, a little blower system to attach to your valve. Usually once the coals are pretty well established it will burn just fine on its own, even with a smaller valve.
Getting it burning isn't so much the problem with the top open it's when I close the top when it's stops burning like it suppose to, guess installing a 2 1/2 inch nipple couldn't hurt anything to start with, thanks for the help
Hey, do you still have the plans that you built this off of? I would love to take a look at them and see if this is something I could build. Thanks.
Great build! Can you tell me where I could purchase the raw materials to diy a smoker? Would you have a rough idea of gauge of steel and type of steel you used?
how did you figure out the size or angle of the pellet distribution? is it regulated by any controller or air vent? What's the range you can get temps precisely? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.