Mixing dough in the food processor .

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Nice work. No food processor here either, just the KA.
Thanks . Stand mixer works great . Just keep at it . Try this next time you mix some up .
I'll have the dry in the bowl of the stand mixer .
Add the warm water and run the mixer just to combine . Maybe a minute or so .
Leave the head down and cover the mixer bowl with a towel . 10 minutes .
Remove the towel and finish mixing .
I personally don't knead the dough after it comes out of the mixer , but if you do watch how much flour you add to it .
chopsaw, great instructions and photos,
Thank you Dave .
Been messing around with this for awhile . Gives really good results . BrianGSDTexoma BrianGSDTexoma , @tropics I don't have an exact recipe for this , because I add the dry to the bowl of the food processor , then spin it up and add the liquid just until it pulls away from the sides .
I start with 2 cups of flour . Use what you have , or like . Then put warm water in a 2 cup measure . I add the water around 110 degrees .
The yeast , salt and sugar varies . I use less yeast for thin pizza crust , more for bread , rolls or thick crust pizza .
I did these rolls awhile back , but the loaf of bread in the Chuck flat thread was made the same way .
So as a starting point for rolls or bread , to the 2 cups flour I added ,
2 tsp yeast
1 1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
Put that in a food processor and spin it up to combine .
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I use water out of the tap . Mine comes out pretty warm . Let it cool , and add around 110 degrees
Looks like I used Rapid rise . I think that was all I had at the time . Use what you have .
View attachment 492150
Spin the food processor , and drizzle the water in slowly , just until it pulls away from the sides .
You won't use all of the water .
View attachment 492151
The measuring cup was over the 2 cup line . You can see it didn't take much to
come together . Some days it takes more . Depends on the weather .
View attachment 492152
If it's a bit sticky I use Olive oil to keep it from sticking to my hands .
Adding flour dries it out . If it comes away from the sides clean you should be good .
Oil a bowl , turn the dough onto itself . Let it double in size .
View attachment 492153
After the first rise , I punch it down . I either shape it for a loaf , or split it for rolls .
Let rise again .
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Was pretty cold in the house when I did these . Had a hard time getting them
to rise . Sprayed with non stick oil and added some everything bagel seasoning
to the top .
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That dish is about 30 years old . Seen alot of use , and Lasagna .
View attachment 492154
Cooked in the 360 .
View attachment 492160
I temp all my breads between 190 / 200 .
Or look for a hollow sound when tapped on the bottom .
I tab some butter on top when they come out of the oven .
View attachment 492162 View attachment 492163
Cut open .
View attachment 492164
Here's another batch . Same method . Better rise .
View attachment 492165 View attachment 492166
View attachment 492167 View attachment 492170
These have great flavor and fantastic chew . The idea is you're getting a correct amount of
wet to dry by adding it this way , instead of using a set amount of liquid .
Just a hands on approach .

YUMMM!!! Those look perfect.
That is exactly how I pretty much cook or make everything. I don't follow recipes very often in fact hardly ever. Sicilian Grandparents Aunts, Uncles and my Ma taught me to cook by feel, smell and taste.

I love recipes written like yours...I can relate.👍
I think that was my problem. I would following mixing times on recipes but think it was just to much.
Yup . Remember all of these things are someone else's opinion of what's good . I see " knead on the counter 15 minutes " I know it works if done right . I could never get it right .
I always suggest use things for ideas , then do what you know .
Hey Chop.... I try bread recipes using their measures... They don't work...
Soooooo, I'll try "No measurements required" method....

Thanks..... Dave
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I'll try "No measurements required" method....
I was measuring everything , then I started weighing everything . Came out great one time , then next time would be to wet or dry .
This way I've been getting good results everytime .
Thanks for looking .
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Thanks neighbor! I've taken notes from this. Might be a while before I can make my aunts dinner rolls with you're version but I'm gonna do then yet!
Thanks chopsaw!
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I tried this couple weeks ago. Don't think my cheap processor made for this but rolls where good. Maybe can use same idea with my small stand mixer.
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