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MES 40" on wooden deck


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Joined Jan 31, 2019
Ok, getting a MES 40" shipped from Sam's Club on a special on Black Friday.

Question is, how many guys have these on a wooden deck? What have you done to make it safe to use?

Just un-nerves me a little to think about going to sleep with it running on my back wooden deck on an overnight smoke.

What say you?



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You'll be fine using the MES on a wooden deck. I would recommend placing something in front of the smoker to catch drips etc.


Joined Aug 3, 2017
1st- since it iselectric there is no open flame unless you are using an AMZN tube or tray.
2nd- it is pretty insulated on the bottom so there is not too much heat actually hitting the deck

If you are still concerned about it though, you can set it on cinder blocks or if you are handy with a welder, you could make a metal stand for it. Also stands are available online for about $50


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I've run mine on my composite deck before with no problems. Get a big grilling mat from home depot or lowes and place it on there. Will keep from getting dripping on the deck as well.


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My house is over 100 years old and I keep mine on our wood porch along with a Traeger. I keep a fire extinguisher on hand and I never do overnighters or leave the property when either smoker is on. I just have the feet of the MES sitting right on the porch floor and it seems fine. I use an Amnps and I DO have to be careful about any lit pellets potentially spilling onto the porch when I'm moving the amnps tray around. For that reason I usually keep a big sheet pan in front of the smoker to catch any lit pellets.

I'm a natural born worrier but smoking should be fun so take whatever precautions you need to in order to make everything less stressful :)


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Thanks for all the replies. It's supposed to be here on Wed. and I would like to set it up on the back deck. But, I will be using the amps tray and also have used multiple gas and charcoal grills on the back porch. Just wasn't sure on the electric smoker.


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I wouldn't worry too much about the wooden deck. BUT.... I assure you you'll get tired of bent over cooking. Its an easy and cheap fix, go down to the used furniture store, buy a beat up bedside table and set your MES on it. I used am old grill grate I had from outdoor cooking long ago. Just something to pick the smoker up a bit higher. Here's what mine looks like.

002 (2).JPG

My Electrics; 2 digitals and one old analog. The grill gate was the right height, and my back shouted thank yous!

dr k

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Once you get a digital therm that you can calibrate (boil test) at your elevation that has a high/low alarm for the smoking chamber you should have piece of mind. If you can sleep during a smoke ( I drift in and out because of the smoker going, semi sleep), the high limit alarm set at 275-300 or whatever above your desired chamber temp you're at will tell you something is not right and to check it out.


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Not a problem. I built a wooden stand for my 30" and the bottom of smoker never gets hot. Also use the amazen tray. smoker with cover.jpg

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