MES 30 analog questions.

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    Hey guys, i recently got the analog MES and i really like it. The only gripe i have with it though is the small water/wood trays. I end up having to refill them about once an hour which gets annoying. What can i do to remedy this problem?

    I read that putting sand in the water tray helps with that problem. Do you use any kind of sand?? What about the wood tray? I read to use AMNPS but in order to do that i have to drill holes in the smoker. That's probably not something i would want to do considering i purchased a warranty for it. Is there any other alternatives? Maybe wood chunks with the wood tray lid off despite the manual warning not to?
  2. Hey oakleyguy89, I got the same smokers, I like it cause towards the end of a smoke I can crank up the heat and get a crisp on the skin of Poultry. I leave the water pan empty, fill the smoke tray full of dry chips and prop the lid up a little with a wrench or drill bit. Once the smoke get to rolling it stays. Yesterday I smoked a turkey breast with bone for 6 hours and only fill the smoker twice. Good luck!
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    Hey thanks! So do you fill the tray level or heaping? How far do you have the lid propped up?
  4. I fill it so the lid will just shut, then prop it open with a 1/4" box wrench laying flat, so maybe 1/4". I also after a couple of hours have a weber smoke box that you can get from Walmart for 5 or 6 dollars fill it full with dry chips and use a torch to get it going good, and place it on top of the MES smoker tray with lid off. Seemed to work pretty good. Good luck
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    Thanks, I'll have to try it out. Does the chips turn to ash? I have a problem with mine turning to charcoal instead of ash.
  6. They turned to charcoal mostly, but the turkey had a good smoky color and taste

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