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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smitty091101, May 26, 2014.

  1. smitty091101

    smitty091101 Newbie

    Has anyone had any problems with their circuit breakers popping when using the masterbuilt 2nd gen smoker 40"?

    I have tried it in 2-3 different outlets but it always seems to pop the breaker.
  2. trikefreak

    trikefreak Smoke Blower

    Mine runs on a 15 amp circuit, with a bunch of other stuff. I'd say you have problems, better get it looked at before it catches a fire.
  3. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    That should not happen. The Heating Coil may have shorted out. Mine is tripping the GFI, have not found the problem yet...JJ
  4. smitty091101

    smitty091101 Newbie

    Thanks guys...this gives me a place to start at.
  5. mystakilla

    mystakilla Newbie

    This is interesting, mine has done the same thing once if not twice a few months ago.  I used it this past weekend to do brisket and it was fine the whole time (breaker wise) however, it was very hard to maintain or even GET to 220 degrees, I had my smoker at max 275.  So its off approx. 55-60 degrees.

    Any ideas??
  6. treym64

    treym64 Smoke Blower

    Mine was tripping gfi plugs to
    Why is that
  7. Check out the topic

    I think if you run it from a non-GFCI outlet for 10-15 minutes it will drive off the moisture absorbed by the heating element, and then you will be good to go in your GFCI outlet. After that, run it every week for a 10-15 minutes to keep the element dry.

  8. Or better yet......ditch that MES and get a better smoker.  You can read 100's of thread detailing this issue.  Mine did the same and after that I vowed NEVER AGAIN.  A properly built smoker should last many many years.  I switched to a smoking-It and will never look back!!!

  9. runt

    runt Newbie

    I know this is an older post, but thank you all very much.

    This is EXACTLY what has been happening with mine.

    I haven't had the opportunity to Smoke as much as I did when I 1st got the MES-40, but the last 2 times I had these issues with the GFCI Circuit breaking and it really put a damper on things.

    Thanks to you all, I plugged into a direct line and was able to " Dry out " the heating element before plugging back into the electric plug I use (Convenience)..and it worked like a charm!!   BACK IN BUSINESS!!!!

    The unit sits covered outside on the back porch and used (because of my job) only a few times in about a 60 day time frame.

    SO.....the answer is to add a direct electric line to where the unit sits and eliminate the GFCI outlet altogether!

    Again, Thank you all!

    Now.......back to the pork loin, jalapenos, Kilbasa and Hot banana peppers!!!!!!
  10. Good work!

    Be careful if you chose to run w/o GFCI, I've heard of MES units failing with the enclosure getting hot (electrically).

    When I had my MES apart trying to figure out this problem, I noticed that the spade lugs on the heating element and the slide-on connectors were very corroded. Once connections start to corrode, they get hotter, and tend to corrode faster and worse.  I replaced the slide-ons, sand-papered the spades lugs, and gooped it with dielectric grease. This was about 12hrs of smoking ago, and it still looks OK.

  11. treym64

    treym64 Smoke Blower

    Our barn builder blew the fuses that's why my smoker was not working I have just got around to smoking a few things
    Redfish flounder
    Chicken medallions
    This week it's spare rib time can't wait
  12. treym64

    treym64 Smoke Blower

    How many amps does the mes 40 use
  13. For the 1200 watt units, ten amps.  The back panel on the MES will let you know your wattage.

    Ohms Law:

    Watts divided by Volts equals Amps

    1200W / 120V = 10A

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