Meat balls

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Jul 21, 2012
Hamilton, Ontario
Used a beef/pork mix same as I would for meatloaf. Added some chopped up onion and then dried garlic, basil & oregano. Add 2 eggs, some breadcrumbs and mix. Made the meatballs [note to self: make them smaller next time]. I fired up Oki Joe using hickory wood chips and put the meatballs on indirect for about 1/2 hour. Moved the pan (a veggie grill pan) over to hot side. Pulled meatballs off and toasted submarine roll and heated up some passata. Assembly took place and then the eating part. Yummy. Side note: I got enough smoke going that when I opened Oki Joe up to put the meatballs in, I really couldnt see what I was doing for the smoke.


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Those look great, a meatball should be the size of your fist if you ask me. My Nona used to make veal meatballs that were the size of a softball........they were amazing!!!
Holy cow....are you sure those are meatballs and not burgers?? :emoji_laughing: They look tasty covered with the sauce though.

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