Maverick ET-735 Issues

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  1. plimtuna

    plimtuna Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    I received my ET-735 this afternoon from Amazon.  Prime = free two day shipping.

    I am already ready to return it.

    Installed app on Samsung S5 no problems.

    Connected through bluetooth no problem when sitting in front of my MES 40.

    app made it easy to set temps.  But NOTE - you can only set the temps on the app, not on the device.  The device only has three buttons.  ON/OFF  C/F and BlueTooth on or off.     There is no button to rotate through the probes.  

    Set it up on the app.  No problem.  Nice pictures etc.

    Went to sit in front of the TV, Line of sight less than 20 feet away.  No connection.  Tried several times to reset, both the unit and the app, no luck unless I am right in front of the device.  

    Now, while in front of my MES and the device, it connects, but says no probes are plugged in.  I double check, the two probes are plugged in  (first time they did register).

    Nothing but headaches.  Maybe the bluetooth is not worth it.  I want my buttons back to control it at the smoker and the phone.

    (I can do this with the MES 40 2nd Gen and its remote).

    I want to cry, I wanted so much to prove my MES's probes and it's heat controller/thermometer were not accurate.  

    Any suggestions any one?
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  2. tjohnson

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    My understanding is that the New Bluetooth ET-735 is a transmitter only, and all the features of the thermometer are only available thru the app on your phone. 

    I have no issues with the New Bluetooth ET-735 when using it on my IPhone 4S. 

    How old is your Samsung S5?

  3. plimtuna

    plimtuna Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    My Samsung S5 is only 9 months.  I currently use with three other Bluetooth enabled items (my two different cars and my ear piece), and I have no issues with them.  

    My issue was only partly the distance.  Even when standing right in front of the unit and my MES it was ill functioning.
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  4. tjohnson

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    I emailed my rep at Maverick, but unfortunately, won't have a response until tomorrow!

    Will post his response and/or give you a contact at Maverick as soon as I get a reply from them.

  5. bmaddox

    bmaddox Master of the Pit

    No offense to maverick but I am sticking with my 733. I don't like having to tie my phone or tablet up running a thermo. And the 733 signal is way stronger than a Bluetooth signal will be.
  6. plimtuna

    plimtuna Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    Well,, i tried it again today.  I even rebooted my phone to make it was not the issue.

    Basically, two main issues.

    1.  Poor connectivity. Literally I have to be right in front of the MES smoker to get a signal.

    2.  It often does not see the probes that are plugged in.

    Temperature wise, I think it read accurate, I confirmed with my Onieda, which has been faithfully correct for me.

    Tomorrow I get Maverick involved before forcing the return on Amazon.
  7. bigd3077

    bigd3077 Meat Mopper


    If it was wifi enabled, and I could use my phone to connect anywhere, I would have bought this. My 733 has excellent range and no connecting issues.
  8. Hope you get it worked out, Those things are frustrating 

  9. tjohnson

    tjohnson Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Insider OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    As promised, I contacted my Rep at Maverick, and he forwarded me the name of someone for you to contact directly regarding your issues.  I PM'd you with the name and phone #.

    Keep us posted on the results!


  10. plimtuna

    plimtuna Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    Thanks for the help Todd.

    I unfortunately work in a tall office building far away from the dreamy environment of my grill, smoker, palm trees and pool.  I will try to see when I can get time to call with the unit in front of me and my wife not asking for something to be reached or moved.

    I am going to do some more troubleshooting of trying the app on my Samsung Note, my wife's iPhone and her iPad mini.  
  11. plimtuna

    plimtuna Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    Good news and bad news

    - Bad news - air conditioning went out at the old homestead, forcing me to head home early from work.

    - Good News - being home this afternoon allowed me to play some more with the Maverick ET-735.  Saturday and Sunday it was a non-working solution.

    REALLY GOOD NEWS - I installed the downloadable app on my Samsung Tab 3 and it works fine.  I also installed it on my iPhone 5 and it works fine.

    Notes - the Bluetooth connectivity is much improved over my Samsung S5 (that only occasionally worked when standing right in front of the MES).  The Samsung Tab 3 gave me about 40' and two rooms away.  The ipone 5 gave me 30' and one room away.  

    So now I will hope for a newer version of the software to run correctly on the android Samsung Galaxy S5.

    Now with it fully working consistently I am a fan.  

    Todd has them available through this thread... or at the store...  
  12. tjohnson

    tjohnson Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Insider OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Cool News!

    So, it looks like it may be a compatibility issue with the Samsung Galaxy S5?
  13. tjohnson

    tjohnson Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Insider OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Air Conditioning?

    It's in the 40's up here today!
  14. plimtuna

    plimtuna Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    That would be my guess.  I went to Maverick's website and did not find any list of supported devices beyond them saying "• Monitor barbecue temperatures from your IPhone, Ipad, Android or Tablet."  

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 qualifies as Android.  I assume they will have software updates shortly to fix the issues.  

    Now it is time to order two more probes!

    Thanks for your attention Todd.  (Seriously). ;-)
  15. plimtuna

    plimtuna Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    I live in the desert of Phoenix Arizona.  It is actually a pretty good week for the air to be down.  We are in the low 80's.  10 days ago we set a new record of 95F.  Last time it broke (same issue), it was 115F.  So breaking down this week is kind of a blessing - get all the kinks out before the blast furnace kicks in 5/15.

    I love the warmth, it really is a dry heat and you never have to shovel sunshine!

    However, it makes for short cold smoking season of about two months (11/15 - 1/15)  Otherwise you can keep the MES 40" under 80 F.  
  16. I'm a mobile app developer and can say that the S5 is your issue...I was working on a bluetooth compatible app a few months ago and the S5 and a couple other Samsung phones just did not want to work. Glad you got it working with your other devices.
  17. I had started to buy the iGrill several times, but each time I was ready to pull the trigger, it seems they were out of stock. And then I read that Maverick was coming out with this new 4 probe Bluetooth unit, and after years of being a happy Maverick customer, I figured I'd spend the $80+/- and give it a shot.

    After two months of using it, pairing it with my iPad and my iPhone, using 1 probe as well as all four, I've got NOTHING but good to say about it. It pairs easily. It stays paired. I can switch from my iPad to my iPhone for overnight cooks and not have any issues. It's accurate. It's giving me 50-75 ft range through brick and even metal walls with NO issues. The new probes are awesome, and no issues using my older probes, either, as I have 10 probes in 3ft and 6ft length.

    My ET-732 and ET-733 are now sitting in a box on the smoker trailer, and I'm sure will continue to see use for large smokes as pit monitors, but we now have a new go to unit!

    I ordered two more last night, along with 8 6ft hybrid new style waterproof probes!
  18. plimtuna

    plimtuna Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    Second weekend of smoking Report.

    Yes, the device still works with iPhone and my Samsun Tab 3.

    However, it is still a bit temperamental.  Granted it is Bluetooth and not WiFi.

    Temperature accuracy is a very nice plus.  I really trust the numbers it is giving me.  I did a prime rib and pulled when it hit 122, let it sit for 20 minutes (it got to IT of 126F) and it was beautiful rare inside.  Just lovely. 

    I am not ready to return it just yet.
  19. I just bought one myself.  I haven't smoked with it yet, but so far it paired with my iPhone quite easily.  It seemed the range worked well with my smoker on my back deck.  If I go to the very front of the house I can get it to drop out.

    I came from an iGrill 1.  Once it connected it seemed to work well, but I always had to remove batteries and dink around with it to get it connected.  I do like the data logging on the iGrill, but just being able to get the thermometer to connect is more important.  It seems that Maverick could easily add data logging to their app though.

    Whenever I hit the home button in the app it crashes though.
  20. tjohnson

    tjohnson Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Insider OTBS Member SMF Premier Member


    I keep track of these issues and pass them on to Maverick

    If you're having an issue with the New Maverick ET-735, post the issue


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