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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mr500, May 1, 2012.

  1. mr500

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    Well Im about to jump on 2 of the mav ET-73.  Only diff I see in the 73  /732  is distance.

    Is this the only thing? I do not really need the 300 ft range at all with my set up.

    Was going to buy an extra MEAT probe so as to monitor 2 meats with one therm...

    Monitor chamber and another meat with the other one...

    I want 2 of them....Thoughts??

  2. spoolinaz

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    I have a 73, recently purchased a 732. I got the 732 because it is more water resistant and the on/off switch isn't in the battery compartment. Also, I seem to have issues with the receiver losing communication through walls and such at just over 50 ft. All looks good, but the temps just freeze on the display. slept through 165 on a butt the other day because of that. The 732 didn't have any issues other than a defective smoker probe out of the box. replacement on the way. If you plan to have the receiver close by the smoker in clear sight, get the 73, well worth 30 bucks. 60 is pushing it for the 732, but good therms are paramount to good smokes...
  3. I picked up the 732 because I didn't want to deal with the on / off switch being in the battery compartment and the improved range.

    You can also look at the 85 for less than a second 732. It has a single probe with 2 sensors. you can use that one to monitor 1 meat and the smoker temp, and the 732 to keep track of your other 2 meats
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  4. mr500

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    Ok thanks guys.  Guess ill jump on the 732. Found them on Ebay for 45.99 but w/ shipping its about the same as others @ 59.99.

    Thanks again
  5. sumosmoke

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    Tell ya what, if you can purchase from one of our fellow members, off of A-Maze-N smokers, he'll ship for free and the customer service is out of this world.
  6. whittling chip

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    Todd's the best.

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