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Masterbuilt smoker not producing smoke

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bbqbill, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. bbqbill

    bbqbill Fire Starter

    Hey Yall! I got a newbie smoking question. So, I've got a Masterbuilt model #: 20070210 but it seems like it wont produce any smoke at 220-230 degrees. I've only used it twice before and both times i didnt see any TBS while it was at 220-230 degrees. Just for fun I bought some cherry chips today and started testing different temps to see when i would get some smoke. I finally got smoke when it hit 250. I let it sit there for awhile then brought it back to 220-225 and the smoke disappeared. I let it sit there for about 4 hrs then checked the chips. Only about half of them were slightly charred. What am I doing wrong? Also, i didn't soak the chips.
  2. pops6927

    pops6927 Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Do you have a separate, accurate thermometer to check your temps?
  3. bbqbill

    bbqbill Fire Starter

    Yes I do. I have he MAV ET-732.
  4. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    You aren't doing anything wrong. That is a problem with a few MES models. They did have a FREE fix for that---A new chip burner. I'll see if I can find it & edit this post.

    Meanwhile do yourself a favor & get an AMNPS, because even with the fix, the AMNPS will make your smoking go to the next level.



    Here is a mod that could help you.

    That free chip burner upgrade appears to have expired.

    If yours is one of the bad ones, it is because there is a piece of metal between the heating element & the bottom of the chip drawer. The link below shows how to fix that, by cutting that piece of  metal out, so the chip drawer will be directly over the element, causing more heat to get to your wood chips.


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  5. What is the chamber temp on the Maverick? Bear gave you the solution - AMNPS - but MES either runs hotter or colder than the set temp.
  6. bbqbill

    bbqbill Fire Starter

    There is nothing beneath the chip tray. Here is a picture of it.

  7. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    Wow---That's a much different MES than the normal ones.

    All I can do is guess:

    I wouldn't put so many chips in the pan at once.

    Is the pan against the heating element?

    How thick is the pan---Too thick would keep the chips from getting hot enough.

  8. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Good advice above...and some soak, many don't....wanting smoke not steam. I'm in the non-soaking camp now although I used to in the ECB. Try a batch of chips dry and a little less to see how it goes. It's all a learning curve...
  9. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    That's a 30 inch analog with the 1500 watt element. I would try a foil pan in place of the metal one or use sawdust instead of chips. Pretty sure you may have trouble with the amazn stuff because the analogs have very little air intake, but maybe Todd has some input on this model.
  10. bbqbill

    bbqbill Fire Starter

    Yea, it's an older one that has the legs and is analog which is why I bought the Maverik ET732. Didn't have much money and this one fit in my budget. The pan is very thin and there is a space between it and the heating element. I originally only put about a dozen chips in the pan and let it sit for about 30 minutes at 220, then I added more. I currently have a ham in it and the chips seem to be getting darker over the last 2.5 hrs. Im using JckDanls 07's Maple Bourbon glaze.

  11. bbqbill

    bbqbill Fire Starter

    Geerock, do you think it would help if I drill a couple 1/2" holes in the bottom of the smoker directly underneath the chip tray to increase the air flow? Or should I just go straight to sawdust?
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  12. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Some have done that...usually with Smokin Tex units and Smokin It's. Seemed to help with air flow. I use the AMNS dust burner in my Smokin It and so far so good with the burn. Here's a thread that got kicked around pretty good with the 'drillers' or 'no drill' members out there. With your model being much older and no warranty I would risk it, just use wise judgment with size of hole and how many. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/133283/smokintex-1400-owners-out-there-help-me-get-tbs
  13. bbqbill

    bbqbill Fire Starter

    Thanks a ton! I think im going to drill a few holes under the chip pan and see if that works. If it still doesn't then I will go to sawdust. If I use sawdust, how much should I use?
  14. jp61

    jp61 Master of the Pit ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I also recommend to try a foil pan first, before you start drilling holes. The pan you're using now, is that a MES item? Another thing you may try is to crank the heat as high as it goes until you get the smoke going, then set the temp on the smoker that you'd like to maintain. When you open the door to put your food item(s) in, the temp will drop anyways. If you can just start the chips to smoke, the on-off cycle from the heating element should keep it going at your set point temp. Won't hurt to try?
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  15. rambler

    rambler Smoke Blower SMF Premier Member

    On the first models if the chip tray wasn't in direct contact with the element it would not smoke.  The chip tray had "sandwich" the element with the bottom of the slide in chip tray and the chip holder itself.
  16. bbqbill

    bbqbill Fire Starter

    Im trying putting the chip tray directly on the heating element. Also, here is a picture of the done ham. It was delicious!!!!

  17. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    Like I was eluding to earlier, and a few others mentioned----Try to get your chip pan in contact with the element.

    A proper working chip burner should start smoking before the smoker hits 100 degrees. This is if the chips are in when you start the smoker.


    Edit---I started this comment before you posted #16.

    Also--That ham looks great!!!
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  18. bbqbill

    bbqbill Fire Starter

    Ok, so I put the chip tray on the heating element. Initially the wood chips started smoking but then the smoking quickly stopped. Its been sitting at about 220 for an hour and it hasn't been smoking. Im really not sure what to do now.
  19. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    Then the only thing I can see is that pan is too thick.

    Could you try putting a very small handful of chips in a foil pan or a piece of foil?

  20. I am having the exact same problem with the exact same smoker.  BbqBill, did you try drilling holes under the chip tray yet? If so has it solved the problem?  I tried to smoke some beef jerky but i may as well have done it in the oven for how much smoke was produced in this smoker....
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