Master Built 230 digital- heat issue

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Feb 7, 2018
I bought this in 2018 and only used it about 25 times with no issue until yesterday. Had a small pork tenderloin going fine at 225 deg. using hickory dust in my ANMPS tray. I had my Therm Pro plugged in and when the meat probe hit 140 deg I noticed the temp started to drop and the red light not on. I still had power to the smoker and it was still on.
Took meat out.

I did a test by setting temp to 275 and had no problems getting there and the red light going off within a reasonable amount of time. I tried several more tests at different temps with no problems. BUT, I did notice if once the red light went out and I increased the temp another 10-15 deg there was about a 20 second lag before the element and light came back on.

I removed the access covers and the wires and connectors to the element and thermal switch are fine. Any ideas?
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