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May 31, 2019
Lake Michigan was good to the boy and his grandpapa this summer, so smoked salmon it is! This is my second go at smoked salmon. learned a few things with this one that I will make note of and change for the next batch. - smoked with cherry pellets in the hopper and applemash in the tube - all
1 fish.jpg

This sappen season we made a lot of maple syrup! Made maple sugar out of some of it to cure the salmon. 2 boiling syrup.jpg 3 maple sugar.jpg

cure that I used was 2-part sugar to 1-part salt. This was the mistake that I will adjust for the next batch. From what I have read the typical cure is 3-part brown sugar to 1-part salt. I went with 2 to 1 sense maple sugar is considerably sweater then brown sugar and I used canning salt. The finished salmon was good but borderline too salty to eat. Not sure if I should have stayed with the 3 to 1 or maybe I should have used kosher or sea salt instead of canning salt? I also went with volume and not weight for the mixture. 2 cups maple sugar /1 cup salt. Should I have went with weight instead? maybe I left them in the dry cure too long (12hr)?
6 cure in bucket.jpg
this is the salmon getting covered with the cure mixture.
7 ready for smoker.jpg
after 12hrs in the dry cure and 12hrs in the refrigerator, ready for the smoker. 4 different flavors - garlic and herb/ tajin / black pepper/ teriyaki glaze
8 in smoker.jpg 9 thin blue smoke.jpg
also have a batch of venison jerky going

10 temo gauge.jpg
started the smoker at 120° - side note this smoke was done completely with my pellet hopper from Smoke Daddy (my smoker has a heating element that I typically use for low temps). I recently sent them my controller so they could reprogram it. With the reprograming I can get as low at 100°!!! I was very happy with how the pellet hopper performed. I might do a post on that as well.

ran smoker at 120 for 1hr , bummed to 140 for another hr and finished at 175- pulled fish off at 145/150ish IT.
11 fresh off smoker.jpg 12 packaged.jpg

Overall turned out good, just a bit too salty.

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