Lower carb Pumpkin Pie on Traeger

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Jul 4, 2008
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Using 1/2 amount Monk Fruit instead of sugar... Aldis for main ingredients





Traeger cooked this flawlessly!!!
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Wow! I gotta try that! I’ve never done a pie on the traeger. Never tried monk fruit either, that should be interesting. Great job! Thank you for sharing!
Really nice work . It looks perfect . Way back when I used to do cakes on a Weber kettle . Never tried a pie though . Thanks for posting .
Nice! Been thinking about low carb pumpkin cheese cake. I been using Monkfruit also. I just order some of the new one Purecane. Not a fan of almond flour and have some pecan flour to try.
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My math had me at about 25 carbs per slice (8 to a pie)
That's counting pumpkin, condensed milk, and monk fruit divide by 8, plus 9 for the 1 serving of crust

BUT, it's actually LESS if you are worried about blood sugar, (knowledge is king)

according to this, only HALF of sugar alcohol gets absorbed in your blood


Seeing as this monk fruit is 4g sugar alcohol, you only count HALF, which makes Monk Fruit over 50% less than real sugar in carb count.


So if this is applied, now each piece is 21.5g carb
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