Looking for a Packet brisket or point briskets in Bucks County, PA

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  1. Can anyone recommend where to get a packer brisket or second cut point briskets in Bucks County, PA?

    I've checked BJs, Wegmans, Giant, Superfresh and eveybody just has flats.


  2. bearcarver

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    I was born & raised in Bucks County (Quakertown).

    The last Full Packer my Son got was from Trexlertown WallyWorld (Lehigh County).

    I don't know if any of the Wallies in Bucks county have meat departments.

  3. chef jimmyj

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    Get what you want from any of these guys. Old school and Deer Processing Butchers will cut anything any way you wish...JJ

    From Lower to Upper Bucks and then some…
    • Gerome’s Sausage  (Levittown). Homemade sausage (over 20 varieties), NO additives, preservatives or fillers. Fresh.
    • Aaron’s Country Meats  (Newtown Farmers Market). Beef, pork, sausage. Fresh.
    • Zook’s BBQ Barn  (Newtown Farmers Market) Poultry raised “all natural.” Fresh.
    • Ely’s Pork Products  (Newtown). Beef, pork, poultry, lamb and veal all raised on their farm. Also make sausage and excellent artisanal cheese. Fresh.
    • Birchwood Farms  (Upper Makefield/Newtown). Raw organic dairy store selling own grass-only-fed beef, pork, veal, pastured eggs, bison, and lamb. Frozen.
    • Tanner Bros.  (Ivyland). Own Angus beef, raised on the farm. Frozen.
    • Illig’s  (address says Chalfont but it’s more like Warrington). Full service butcher. Mostly fresh, some frozen.
    • None Such Farm Market  (Buckingham). Their beef is raised on their farm across the street, and fed grain grown on the farm. No hormones. Good chicken and pork too. Full service butcher shop. Mostly fresh, some frozen.
    • Maximuck’s  (Doylestown). Own beef, raised on the farm. Frozen. No hormones.
    • Haring Brothers  (Danboro). One of our favorites. Full service butcher shop. Fresh and frozen. “Whenever possible, we buy our fresh meat and vegetables from local farmers, including agricultural students at Delaware Valley College.”
    • Bolton’s Farm Market  (Silverdale). Own turkey, chicken, beef, all grown “naturally and additive free.” Fresh.
    • Blooming Glen Pork & Catering  (Blooming Glen). Pork products, including smoked meats. Full service butcher shop. Big Bob’s BBQ stand on Saturdays. Fresh.
    • Baringer Bros.  (Richlandtown). Full service butcher shop. “Home raised, grain fed” meat. Fresh and home smoked meats.
    • Saylor’s  (Hellertown). Butcher and italian market with fresh meats and smoked products.
    • Maresca’s  (Sergentsville, NJ). An old-time butcher shop indeed. Fresh meats, cheeses, bread and italian specialty products. Fresh.
  4. bearcarver

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    I know about half of them. I get Ring Bologna from Baringer Bros & have gotten Sausage from Sailor's. A Full Packer from any one of them would cost a Fortune.

  5. suie

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    I'm in central NY and full packers are really hard to find here too. The only place I can regularly find them is at Maine Source Food & Party warehouse. It looks like they have a couple of locations in PA but I don't know if any of them are close to you. http://www.mainesource.net/

    The beef there is all choice Angus. They're also a good source for other large pieces of meat too.

    Good luck! 

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