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I forgot to add that the Lone Star Grillz Pellet Smoker also has a cold smoking function, although I haven't used it yet.
I did see a review on cold smoke feature where someone was smoking cheese.
Apparently it runs at 160f and was a bit too hot and some of the cheese started melting.
I think it was upper shelf that melted. I'd have to go back and look again to be certain.
Don't know if you could use manual mode and get temp lower.
Might be something to try.
There are two ways you can approach this:

1. If cold smoking at 160 degrees on the top shelf is melting the cheese, you could try moving the cheese to the bottom tray and see if that makes a difference, OR

2. Place the cheese on the bottom shelf next to a 1/2 pan filled with ice to lower the temps inside the cook chamber.

Additionally, I would only attempt to smoke cheese between the months of November and April when outside temps on the cook chamber are more favorable.
Take a look at YouTube and Google Cold Smoke Cheese - Lone Star Grillz Pellet smoker, by Texas Bluesman BBQ. He smoked his cheese at 104 degrees on his smoker. Very Interesting
IIRC, he had cheese on both shelves. Will have to check it again.

Definitely don't smoke cheese not, not here anyway. It was 105f yesterday.
Ice definitely helps.
I've seen several of his videos, but not that one. I'll check it out.
In the past, I've just had a smoke box in the smoker with a fan. No smoker heat.

4 weeks left for mine...
Glad I found list forum, I've been looking at Yoder, P&S, LSG, Kando Gear. Looks like the all function very similar so it comes down to a few things for me. Kando looks awesome for clean up, etc but I don't see much content on them so makes me think pass. LSG looks like the best pellet smoker if smoke is mainly what I'm after. P&S looks great, really like their hybrid but don't need something that big. I'm leaning toward YoderYS640s on comp cart because I can get it from a dealer for about the same price as LSG and not have to pay for freight. I also like the looks of it a bit more and it seems like it has a bit more versatility? LSG definitely easier to clean out the burn pot based on their design.

I'm currently cooking on a Primo XL and have been for the past 15 years so if I want heavy smoke I could use that. All in all, not sure a person can go wrong either way.
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