Loins back ribs.

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pc farmer

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Feb 17, 2013
Central Pa
Got some loin back ribs for supper.  I like these cause they seam more meaty.

First time using a rib rack.

Got 2 and 1/2 racks in the mini.

Got the nice smoke, I think.   

Using Humphrey's lump with hickory and apple.

Check back later.
Those things are usually a good bargain for a good meal. Baby backs from a little bigger piggy or so the old butcher said.
I dont know what they are but we love them.  
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What temp are you running at?  Any special rub or cooking process ( that you are willing to share at least
Right now I am at 250, getting her at 275.

I used Jack Stack's meat and poultry and Tony C's.

When about done Sweet Baby Rays will go on.
Great start. The only thing you need to make these perfect is to send me an invite.

I am looking forward to the finished ribs!

Can you be here in 3 hours?  Heres your invite.  Come on down.
Looking good C Farmer.    You going to flip the ribs in the rack part way through ?  Or just let them be ?
Did not think of that.    Would it make a differance?
Did not think of that.    Would it make a differance?
That really depends on your smoker and heat variation within it.    The ends of the ribs are facing right down towards the heat source and will take the brunt of it.   The tops of the ribs are somewhat shielded from the direct heat.   Question is whether the heat in the dome area is roughly the same temp as what's hitting the bottom of grate and the ribs.    Does that make sense ?

You might experiment with it and just flip 1 or 2 of the racks and later see if there is any difference.
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Makes sense.   I am using my mini of that helps.   

Maybe I will flip them.
Makes sense.   I am using my mini of that helps.  

Maybe I will flip them.
Yeah, I can see the mini.  Don't have one yet, but it's on my bucket list.    I'd just flip one or two of them and do a taste test later.   Might be that there's no need to flip them in the mini.
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Thanks Disco.  Maybe another hour would have helped a bit.
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