Lemon-Butter Basted Smoked/Seared Chix Pieces- Qview

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    This is an old recipe I've used for 10 or 12 years on a gas grill. I did some basted chicken a few nights ago with the smoke/sear method...WOW!

    When I got home from work today and the wife asked me to do some chicken again, I just couldn't resist...we love this stuff!

    I don't use any dry seasonings with this baste. Smoke, then, grill and baste.

    Lemon-Butter Baste for Poultry

    2 Tbls Soy Sauce

    1/2 Tbls Kosher Salt

    4 oz Butter, salted (can be substituted with margarine)

    4 oz Lemon Juice

    ½ Tbls Black Pepper, fine ground

    This amount will baste approx. 8-10 lbs of poultry, cut into pieces.


    Mix all baste ingredients in a sauce pan and heat thoroughly until butter is
    melted and salt is dissolved.

    Smoke/grill meat pieces as you normally would.

    Keep baste warm and begin basting as soon as the chicken starts browning, and until finished cooking. Baste frequently for the best results. Use any remaining baste after removing the meat from the cooker for a final coat.

    Note: I'm having probs with my ISP again tonight...took almost 2 hours to post this, and some pics just show the dreaded red X on my display. Refresh your browser and see if that will help.

    Edit: several pics didn't upload, so I'll try to get them up ASAP.

    Just into the smoke with foiled cherry chips over coals:

    After 1-1/4 hours, with the first baste, while getting more coals hot for the sear:



    Letting the hot coals give 'em the final kiss:


    Platter shots were taken before final basting.
    (shot w/o the flash):

    (shot with the flash):



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    All I can say is WOW. Thanks.[​IMG]
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    What a difference that flash makes.
    Sounds like a great recipe, and basting right up until the end sounds great with that recipe.
    Thanks for sharing, placing this one on the list [​IMG]
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    Good looking cluckers.

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