Leg healing update

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Jun 5, 2009
Portland, OR
Sorry I haven't been on the computer much since I got home from the hospital - sitting in my computer chair puts pressure on the wound so I can't sit in this chair very long.

The doctors have been very happy with the healing so far, I go in 2x a week for dressing changes and to let the Dr.'s look at the healing progress. I will find out tomorrow if they are going to schedule my skin graft for the end of next week. When they do the skin graft I will be back in the hospital for 5-7 days to make sure it takes correctly, but that should be the last operation, YAY!

Thanks again to all my SMF friends and family for the prayers and well wishers. Special shout out and thanks to Scarbelly for sending me some of his tastey roasted coffee!
 I will keep you all posted when I know more of what the Doc's got planned.
.... Oh! on the plus side I found a great diet plan!
  1. Get a flesh eating virus
  2. Spend 2 weeks in the hospital
  3. Enjoy the new slimmer you when you realize you lost 20 lbs.!
Glad you are getting better..

  Been there..still there.

Hang in there Johnny - Hope you get better soon man - looking forward to having you back
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Hang in there Buddy!

Sorry about the PM---I sent it before I saw this thread.

Miss ya',

Hope you get better soon and you do know there are other ways to lose weight lol

 LOL... yeah, it definately is not the recomended diet plan, but it is kind of funny to watch the face my wife makes at me when I mention how much weight I lost... lol.
Get one of those e-pad thingamabobs.

Then you don't have to get outa bed to play on the web>>

Hey JR glad to hear things are getting better for ya and  I hope things get back to normal soon.
Glad to hear things are progressing well!!
Get Well and Hurry Back Here... I wondered where you had been, I must have missed a thread or maybe I am getting Alzheimers.
Glad everything is going good for you. Just keep in mind how much fun you can have gaining that weight back. Our prayers are with you.

I take some time off from the site and something is eating you?  I hope it didn't try to smoke you first.  Hope all goes well.  Let me know if you need something I am not far from you. Get better soon.

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