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Leftover pork belly burnt ends

kilo charlie

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Does anyone have any ideas of how to repurpose leftover smoked pork belly burnt ends? I was think of grinding some to grill as patties but not sure if I should add anything to the grind mixture. Thanks!
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Wait... how did you have leftover PBBEs??!?!

Never heard of such a thing!

Just kidding of course as they're usually gobbled up. I made a batch the other day and I too have some left over. My plan is just to reheat them in the foil pan in the oven.

You definitely won't need to add any fat to them. Depending on how you seasoned/sauced/glazed them.. that will all affect the flavor of your final product.

Hopefully someone has done this before and has a good answer! Otherwise post up what you end up doing with them.


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I agree with OldSmoke OldSmoke , sliders with a bit of slaw. Just vac pack & freeze them in individual portions, then reheat for the sliders when you feel like a quick snack.


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Man I love PBBE so much I’d warm them up as is and eat daily till gone. I’d think you could use them in some kind of Asian stir fry with a sweet sauce and some veggies.
I will second the Asian style......

Sauteed in a Korean BBQ sauce and then put over a bed of rice, cabbage then dressed with green onions, Sseeds, sweet soy, and Sriracha Aioli.....this is MONEY!


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Ok I promise I will stop after these two.........
soften them with in a fry pan with a little chicken broth and maple syrup, once caramelized, put them on the plate then put a bit of butter in the same fry pan, drop a a couple of little maters and an sunny side egg.....

Here is the final idea....chop them little, fry in a pan then over home made CI Mac!!!

Or, no pic but over your fav salad......

OK I promise I'll stop after this.....left over pork belly (any kind) is about the most versatile protein for left overs there is!!!
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So now I have the PBBE’s ground and mixed with smoked Gouda cheese. I’m gonna make patties and serve it like I would a PP sandwich. Kings Hawaiian Buns, pickles and slaw. I’m torn between grilling them on a charcoal grill or a cast iron pan. Any thoughts?


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