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Mar 6, 2009
I really couldn't find a review of the Lang 36 Patio before making a decision to order one so I hope this helps anyone considering the baby Lang.

Like all Langs the 36 patio is reverse flow.  Specifics such a rack size and dimensions are available on the Lang Website.  But it is one of the smallest and most affordable reverse flow smokers I could find.

I ordered this smoker constructed of 1/4 inch steel instead of the stainless steel offered on the Lang website.  Mods such as sliding racks are available.

Be aware that R&L Carriers delivered this smoker to a residential address in one of the largest 18 wheelers I have ever seen.  Delivery was to the driveway close to the street on a skid.  Estimated weight of the total package is 650 lbs.  Be prepared to break down the packaging and move the smoker to a safe place when delivered 

As packaged on the skid








This smoker is very heavy on the firebox end.  When I rolled it of the pallet the smoker got away from me and I bent the spring handle on the firebox. Nothing that couldn't be bent back in but those type of things make it your smoker. 

I followed the instructions on the website to cure the smoker.  Sprayed the interior of the cook chamber with a can of cooking spray and built a hot fire.  It took a while to get the fire started but once it got going I didn't have anymore trouble with it.  Got the temps up over 300 and let it burn for about 45 minutes.  Got rid of the the heavy smoke and some unusual smells. 

The next step was to spray the cook chamber with a fine mist from the hose.  It goes to say be very careful with this step,  I had may face steam cleaned!   Break in instructions say to do this twice, allowing the smoker to get over 300 and then spraying.

Next step is to check your fuel, close down the dampers and let the smoker smoke cure.  I found it fairly easy to keep the temps I wanted by small adjustment to the firebox dampers.

I let the smoker go the rest of the night.

The wife asked for ribs tonight so I am on the way to Sam's.  I'll post a couple of pics with the smoker loaded to give some perspective on the smoker's size

Al- you are going to love your Lang and when you find out how easy it is to maintain temps, your going to want to kick yourself in the butt for not getting one of these things earlier.

I too, am looking forward to her maiden smoke.
"The wife asked for ribs tonight so I am on the way to Sam's." Congrats on the new smoker, But i believe Al wants to play w/ his new toy so he's off to sams. LOL

They surprised me by having the smoker a week early.  He placed the construction order to the shop on Tuesday morning and called me Thursday am to say if I had arranged shipping yet.  I was planning to call the shipper the following week but he said they where running 36s at the time and went ahead and did mine in 48 hours.  I sure wouldn't expect that kind of turnaround.  This is the time to order before they get busy in the spring.  I had some confusion with the shippers.  I asked that they not pick up the smoker till Monday expecting to stay home Wednesday.  They picked it up Friday and held it till Wednesday after the pickup driver told them I would have it Monday.  I spend three days waiting for the shipper but in the end they did what I asked them to do so I can't complain, just some bad info from people that where not aware of the original order.

I picked up 3 racks of spares, trimmed them up St. Louis Style and 3 racks of baby backs.  I also picked up a pack of pork chops.  Everything has been rubbed down and I hope to put them all on the smoker around noon. 

Hey Bob,  remember it's her Bonus Check so for the time being at least she gets what she wants.  If I had placed the meat order it would have been Brisky.

I'll post a pick or two of the empty smoker with the new cure coat on  it.  Kind  of looks like a nicely cured black iron pot.

Thanks guys

Nice looking smoker Al... you are going to love it. . .
The website and Ben says 72 lbs of meat  4 butts and 2 briskeys. 

I brought the temps up to 300 degrees.  Took about 1/2 an hour with a decent fire going in the firebox.  Opened the cook chamber and loaded it up.

The smoker held 3 racks of baby backs and 3 racks of spares.  I was not able to load in the pork chops I planned but I'll sneak them in there when I foil the ribs and stack them up a bit.

Cooker after curing


Pick of the firebox going


Loaded up ready to go!


I was impressed with the recovery time after loading the pit.   Once I closed the door the gage read 200 degrees,  it took about 7 minutes to get the temp up to 225 and adjust the dampers to hold steady.  I have been away from the smoker for about 15 minutes and it is holding steady at 225.

I don't know it that is an impressive amount of food for a RF smoker but it beats the devil out of my little Okie Joe offset.  The fact that the temps are holding rock steady are a tremendous advantage over the smaller smoker.

I'll post a couple more picks when I go to foil.  I am hoping that since I trimmed the spares they will cook about even with the baby backs.

Thanks for looking


Oh by the way I learned not to stack wood on top of the firebox!  Bet it's a great place to warm a pot of beans.
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I checked the ribs and the meat on the top rack is cooking faster then the meat on the bottom rack.  I found the top rack about 10 degrees warmer than the bottom racks.  Ben Lang recommended closing the stack damper to about 3/4 open during smoking.  I changed to the "stack damper open all the time" philosophy and the temps moderated to about 4 degree difference.  Seems like the excess heat exited a lot faster and made for more even temps.  The smoke also became thinner.

Ready to foil


Wrapped and packed, added 3 lbs of pork chops


Chops should take a couple of hours, about the time the ribs are ready to either get unwrapped and thrown back on the smoker or tossed on the gas grill to caramelize some BBQ sauce.  Depends on when wifey gets home so we can eat.

Al congrats on getting the smoker and that first smoke is looking good is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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