L EM big bite auger

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My big bite auger conversion from lem clogs up pretty bad using the chili plate I changed back to my original auger and it works just fine, anyone else have this problem ? I am going to see about returning it, I suppose it would work using lean meat. I was grinding some deer with plenty of fat and the big bite doesn't seem to do much in the way of grinding anything with fat or gristle whereas the original auger work just fine. Give me your thoughts please
i have a new grinder with the "big bite" auger, and have been grinding moose, pork, making sausage and it has worked well for me. dont know what a chili plate is, but have used the finest that came with the grinder.
When doing anything, especially sausage grinding with venison get rid of the fat, tallow and tenons. Venison fat tastes is rancid.
Pork Fat - Good
Venison Fat - Terrible
Your grinder will feel the same...
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