Korean Short Ribs and Street Corn

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Feb 18, 2012
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We took a trip to Costco yesterday and they had the short ribs. This is only 1/3 of the pack. They also had a Korean BBQ sauce that looked pretty good.


I put the new grate I bought on the pit and started with the veggies.


When they were done on went the ribs.


While that was going I cut up the veg.


8 slices of bacon chopped up and when it was 90% cooked I added in the veg with a tablespoon of Kinder Woodfired Garlic, a teaspoon of Tajin, one lime juiced and a heaping tablespoon of mayo.


When it was done I added 1/2 cup of shredded Parm, green onion and celantro.


Darn, the closeups were all blurry. The ribs came out good but the street corn was amazing.

The only downside was the mess that sauce made on my new grates. Two rounds of Goo Gone for grills and a lot of scrubbing before I could even bring them in the kitchen for the final cleanup.

Normally I wouldn't think of cleaning them like that but this was more than the normal mess.
The street corn was definitely the star of the show on this cook. I made this last week using canned corn and just cooked everything on the stove top. My wife and I loved it.

I did not post it because I knew I could do it better on the grill mostly and use a little less lime juice and mayo. The fresh ingredients definitely made it better. This will be a star attraction for now on when we have friends or family over.
Two of my favorite things there. Look fantastic! I looked at those at Sam's yesterday but they to $$ now for me. Mater of fact I came out empty handed. Have a hard time paying these high prices now.
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Very nice looking plate Chris!! I've yet to do the Korean style ribs but I keep seeing them done and may have to pull the trigger. Those look fantastic.
and use a little less lime juice and mayo.
How true, how true. i make a very similar salad and learned the first time out that it only takes a small amount of both the mayo and lime juice. Even just the slightest bit too much and IMHO the salad is ruined....but we are not big fans of overly saucy salads.

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