Knives and Slicers

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Aug 11, 2005
I'd throw in a hock or two? LOL Earl.

Wrong forum, but I'm curious.

What kind of knives does a former butcher use?
Sharp ones. :roll: :D LOL

These are the knives I had when I was working as a butcher/meatcutter-

For butchering I had an 8 inch Butcher knife and a 6 inch straight blade boning knife.

For cutting I had a 1-14 inch Cimeter knife, 2-6 inch stiff straight blade boning knives, 2- 5 inch flex curved blade boning knives, 1- 2 1/2 inch neck knife (basically a worn out boning knife) and a 12 inch knife steele. All my knives were Forschner Victorinox with fibrox (plastic) handles.

Now for my daily go-to knives I have a 6 1/4 inch Rada Stainless Steel Cookâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s knife which has a Santoku style blade, a 7 inch Cruisinart Santoku knife and a 6 inch Chicago Cutlery Boning knife and my knife steele. Also at home I have the Ronco 25 piece knife set that the Bride bought me. The Chefâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s knife, the Utility knife, the Carving Knife, the Cleaver and the steaks knives get the most use. I also have a drawer full of knives that I have collected over the years.
Geez, Dutch, sounds almost like you are a knife knut! :D I also like to have a good selection of knives handy since I quite frequently process large game. My daily use knives are a set of Henckels. It includes 8 and 10 inch chef's and slicers, a bread knife, 10 inch steel, 3 1/2 inch paring knife, poultry shears and a neat cleaver as well as a 6 inch santuko utility knife. For processing I have a number of excellent quality but no name boning knives, both rigid and flexible, a matching scimitar style knife. and very importantly a really nice bone saw. Again no name but it does what I want it to do. Then of course I have a number of fillet knives from Fiskars and Rapala for processing fish. I have a four inch Rapala flexible fillet knife which works well in certain processing cuts that I must make on poultry. I think you can guess without me getting graphic. I really like my bunch of knives and do my best to keep them sharp and clean.
OOPS! Almost forgot! I prefer bottom round for my jerky. However I will do up a properly trimmed top round. And I put it in the freezer to stiffen it then put the whole piece of meat on the slicer. When done slicing I use a slicing knife to cut out the strips.
What brand of slicer do recommend? Never had one but my hand slicing is not consistent.
Hi, Jim!
Hey, like you can go completely nuts on a slicer or with a little bit of luck find a good quality product for cheap. I have so far refrained from endorsing a cheapie but I have had it for six months now and it seems fine. My current food slicer is a Waring Pro. It does what I ask it to and of course I do not push it either. Total cost with shipping and sales tax was a bit over $117.00 out of Home Depot. You might be able to find one on the shelf of a department store for a bit less. Most of my shopping is internet because of my remote location.

Now, prior to my major lifestyle change (read in divorce here) I had a 3/4 hp Hobart slicer with built in sharpener and a lot of nice features. That machine ran me about $700 12 years ago. Prices have not changed too much so that kind of quality is still reasonable.

Just bear in mind that if you opt for a low end product you get what you pay for. Do not expect to be able to push a lot of meat rapidly across any inexpensive machine. Let the machine tell you how fast and how much to process and it will last a long time.

There are a lot of machines out there that are in the $300 to $500 range that seem to be of excellent quality. You be the judge and I hope I have helped you!
Due to a previous post of mine, this thread now contains good knife info. I am requesting in PM that Earl split this into a "***Split: Knife Discussion" in General Discussion (or where he or the other mods see fit)

Earl, I now have knife envy.

Got me the basic Henkel "S" series, which is awesome (4"pairing, 7" slice, 8" chefs knife(I think those are the sizes)) for like $140 plus 25% off Bed Bath Beyond.

Got a drawer full of assorted Chicago Cutlery and assorted brands and sizes, all dull in comparision to the Henkels (sharpening stick)

Once this thread is split to a "knives" thread, lets hear from the group. I hope to get a serated slicer that is up to snuff. Looking at a Wurstenhoff (SP)
Hey, Chi Bill!
SP is Wusthoff! (I think) And I agree on a "tools" thread!
A tool thread would be great. I am thinkin about vacuum packer/sealers and a tool thread would be perfect to discuss pro's and con's of different models.
Hey, Cajun!
I opened up the topic on Vacuum Sealers under the General Discussion thread a bit ago. There is some good info there if you want to get a jump start.
Happy Fathers' Day!
This is in request by Chi. Bill that we have a Knife Thread. Also will attemp to split part of the Jery thread in which this discussion got started.
Thanks Earl.

This can be a great thread.

I know alot of people take their knives in once ever 1 or 2 years for a professional honing. Like $3 a knife or so.

I probably need to do that soon is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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