Kindling Cracker!

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I know a few people who have them. And swear by them. When my neighbor had his big oak tree cut down. I took a couple big sections. So they could mount them to it.
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Just searched it. All these years if I'd known that existed. The aggravation I could've saved myself!

Thanks very much for posting!
You are welcome! The problem I have is I do not own a large axe, and if I bought one, I surely would not be accurate with it at all. The hatchet I have works OK on small stuff, but not that great on larger splits. This seemed like an easy way to split larger pieces down to more manageable size pieces and be able to be precise with the size of the split. Definitely excited about it so far.
Yeah I’m the same way. A trip to the ER with a ax in my shin would kinda put a cramp on my day. And the kindling cracker is on my list for when I get my stick burner. My brother has one for his fire place and loves it.

Just a new guy here enjoying the fun of splitting some wood. A hatchet was not cutting it, so I bought the Kindling Cracker (larger one). Man, it works so well and was addictive. I wanted to split everything I had...
I use mine constantly when running my Lang
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I had one when I had my wood-fired pizza oven.
Worked great. I had the smaller one, but there is a larger one as well.
Made a stand about 15" high and bolted it on it. Made life a little easier when splitting.

Fun fact: It was designed by a young girl in Australia.
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I have one, bout 8" opening.
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