Just one pic!

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Meat Mopper
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Jul 4, 2006
I would love for as many of us as possible to put up just one pic of a mouth watering smoked creation that you've done. Anything food.....like ribs, brisket, chicken, a sandwich or a pork butt........ya know!

I'll put one up when I find a good one!!

C'mon now, make us drooooool!!!!
OK. Here is a fatty, hot off the ECB. A damn good one too!
That's what I'm talkin about Peculiarmike..........simply beautiful!!
I got it down to 4 pictures.

Ribs and ABT's


Meat Loaf and Mac and Cheese


Dutch's Smoked Beef Enchiladas


And of course GYPC's Italian Beef sandwiches


It was difficult to get down to only these 4!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


It's 6 AM and now I'm hungry for Q. Here is one of a couple of smoked chicken's for a new recipe I am working on.

Nice thread gypc
As I'm lookin through this thread so far I'm thinkin...........man, I don't need to be this hungry for the Q so early in the mornin but it sure feels good!!!!LOL
Alright, this thing is outrageous and out of control. I am sure there is a law against posting things of this nature. Pure Porn-O-Graphy.
Man, does all that grub look fine!
I have so many pics of food I couldn't hardly choose just one. So how about so much boneless pork butt.....ya get full just lookin at it!!!
Great lookin pic Gypc, I used the should deboned and wrapped in the netting once, the meat came out great, but I found that I lost a lot of the bark in the netting.
I've done the rolled ones with the netting. I removed it before smoking. That allowed me to get rub down in the folds. Works fine.
Man, that is a PILE of meat GYPC!
as soon as i can get my pictures to upload i will join in with one picture with a lot a food in it. i dont know why they wont upload. help wildcat
bbq bubba, just had to say that I love your avatar...that sums it up right there!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!
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