Just Joined the forum, I rest my bones on the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

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Dec 4, 2022
A little bit about myself, culinary degree'd, internationally trained Chef. Been cooking for decades really love seafood, the Caribbean style of cooking. Been into making sausage somewhat been studying Bill Dumas style of making sausage as well as 2 Guys & a Cooler. Have a modest little setup with grinder, sausage stuffer.

I'm pretty serious all my recipes go into Google sheets that I have created, that allows me to convert any measurement, scale the ingredients and weights to whatever I want and make adjustments to the percentages of each ingredient. Kielbasa is my go to sausage but right now I'm looking to expand my knowledge with learning and seeing how others are making their sausages.

Chef Ski
The Outer Banks of North Carolina!
Welcome from Iowa! Sounds like your spreadsheet comes in handy.

Welcome from Iowa! Sounds like your spreadsheet comes in handy.

It does, started using spread sheets years ago for my culinary recipes, since I was catering at the time.

The original versions were geared towards number of people to feed that would be attending the event. When I started to get serious about making sausage is when I started to mofify the spread sheet to meet my needs for sausage making recipe development.
I'm a tech person (computers hardware, software as well as coding, networks) long before getting my culinary degree and into cooking, smoking and now sausage making.
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Welcome to the Group. I too am Culinary trained but not as a chef. I am a professional eater. I have a 2nd home at Holden in NC maybe next time I am up that way we can get together.
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