Just got a new WSM 22.5 for $299!

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cabin fever

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Dec 1, 2009
Orange, VA
Well, $315 with tax anyway. I'm gonna head up Saturday to pick her up. It's from a specialty store in Northern VA that deals in 

high end kitchen appliance packages. I came across the store on craigslist of all places and they were more than happy to hold one for me. I just printed out the invoice and I'm getting ready to place an order for an iQue 110 as well. So far that's the best deal on a new 22.5 WSM that I've seen. I think it's safe to say that I'm in a pretty good mood at the moment.  

I'll post a few pics of the bullet "beast" when I get her set up.
Well, I drove up today to pick up the WSM only to get a call about 15 minutes before I got there letting me know that their shipment of 22.5 WSM's won't be in until Monday afternoon. He asked me if I wanted the 18.5 WSM instead for $229 and I just told him I'd be there around noon Tuesday to pick up the 22.5.

I was a little aggravated, but I understand that things happen. Besides, it's calling for 2-3 inches of snow tomorrow so I wouldn't be able to break in the smoker until at least Wednesday or Thursday. Talk about one hell of a drive though. I'm from a small town similar to Mayberry so driving a whopping 2 hours into Northern VA was like a trip to New York City for me. 
That's disappointing Cabin Fever. I live in the DC area and saw the same Craigslist ad you did, I just don't have the money till next week and now their ad is down for the 22.5, I guess that's why. Snow in this area shouldn't be more then 1" and it's not supposed to affect the roads at all around here, but people do freak out like it's a blizzard. I hope you get the 22.5 WSM without any problems Tuesday and I hope they will have enough of a shipment for me to get one next weekend. Sorry you had to make the horrible drive to this area just to be disappointed, I don't even like making the drive from MD to N. VA. Let me know if they plan to have plenty of product and good luck.  
Big Twig,

Thanks for the kind words. They might "hold" one for you if you shoot them an email. That's what I had to do. The guy I spoke with on the phone was named Craig and he seemed nice enough. I've had mine reserved since Wednesday and they were supposed to get the shipment in late Friday afternoon so I'm not sure what happened there.

He guaranteed me they would be in Monday evening though. He had a thick asian accent so I couldn't quite make out everything he was saying. I'm gonna send him another email Monday before they close to make sure I don't make another wasted trip. It's a slummy part of Alexandria so I'm looking to get in and out as soon as I can. We used to live in the Falls Church area of Fairfax when I was a kid and I'm just glad we got out of there before it started building up.
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Well, I finally got the WSM home last night and put it together in about half an hour. I was hoping my iQue 110 would be in by now but they’re on back order at the moment. Anyway, this thing is really a sight to behold! Everything feels nice and solid and it's definitely built like a tank. I can easily see fitting 5 ten pound pork butts comfortably on each rack (100 pounds of pork per smoke, oh my!).

I stopped by Wegmans to get a 9 pound butt and a chicken and then the Home Depot for a bag of cherry chunks. I should have picked up some apple chunks while I was there, but I've been dying to try cherry for years now. Apple will get it's chance soon enough. I'm just glad Home Depot is finally carrying woods other than hickory and mesquite. I'll try my best to get some pics of her maiden smoke, but I can't make any promises.
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Glad to see ya got it up and running finally. Congrats man - cant wait to see the qview
Congrats Cabin Fever! I was hoping everything would go well for you yesterday. Can't wait for some Q-View. If everything goes my way this week I will be calling them and praying they will have an extra WSM to hold for me too.
I'm sorry for such a late response folks. I've been job hunting this past week and there aren't a lot of employers out there looking for a regular joe who doesn't have a college degree. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as always though. Anyway, I was finally able to get my first smoke in on the 22.5" yesterday. I kept everything as simple as I could this first time out.

Pork butt - Injected with a mix of apple juice and maple syrup, slathered with mustard and coated with a simple homemade rub.

Chicken - Butterflied and removed keel bone, put cold nuggets of butter under the skin, slathered with mayonnaise and sprinkled lightly with the same rub. I haven't brined a bird since I started doing this.

I started the cook using 15 pounds of regular Kingsford and the minion method with six fist sized chunks of cherry. I foiled the bottom of the water pan and then filled it with hot tap water. I left the bottom cooking grate out for this small cook and loaded the meat. BTW, the 22.5" can hold an unbelievably crazy amount of meat! I started with all three bottom vents opened 100% and the WSM immediately shot to 200 on the lid thermometer so I closed all the bottom vents to about 80%. It settled in at 225-250 for 3 hours before I needed to adjust the vents again. I kept making small adjustments every couple of hours throughout the 12 hour cook.

Overall, everything came out great and the WSM performed like a tank. I pulled the chicken at the 4 hour mark and wrapped the butt with foil around 8 hours. I really enjoyed the taste from the cherry wood, but it's an extremely light smoke so I'll probably go with something a little heavier like oak or hickory next time. The chicken was super juicy and the pork was the best I've done so far. I pulled the pork and mixed the juices back in that I saved from the foil. I kept sampling it and couldn't find a dry piece anywhere. It reminded me of the pulled pork that Smokey Bones used to serve before the chain changed their image to an upscale bar & grill.

I'd like to point out that I didn't get much of a smoke ring on either meats even though I put them both on cold. That doesn't really bother me though. It just means I need more practice which sounds like fun to me. Also, I've got to mention again how well built the 22.5" is. After the first 15-20 minutes of the cook, the only place you could see smoke escaping was from the vent in the lid. Not even so much as a single puff came from anywhere else on the cooker. I'm not kidding either, this thing is that well built. As for the place I bought it from (Now Appliance), I don't think they keep a lot of stock in at one time.

You can e-mail them and I'm pretty sure they will either hold or order a 22.5" for you. Like I mentioned before, it's a fairly slummy area and I recommend paying with cash over a credit/debit card like I did just to be on the safe side. Also, they seem to change their prices around quite a bit. When I was there picking up the WSM, they had a new Weber Performer in blue for $279 which is a crazy good deal (they usually sell for $329 around here). It killed me not to grab that as well but times are tough so my hands were tied.  Sorry for such a long post and lack of Q-View folks. Please don't hold it against me. 
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Great score Cabin Fever. I work for a high end appliance dealer and we became a Weber Alliance dealer last year. The only reason we took them on was because they went UMRP on all there pricing and they do a good job reinforcing it. $299 is a heck of a deal. I got mine for cost at $250.00 and used the friends and familly program for a bunch of buddy's and you beat them by 25 bucks. Again, Congrats!
Grats Cabin! Glad to hear the first smoke went well. Once you get the hang of the WSM you will love how easy it is to dial in the temp you want, and then walk away and let it do it's thing.
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