Just a geezer in NE PA

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Jan 26, 2023
Hello..my name is Larry and I haven't had a drink in....oops sorry wrong forum....Hello..my name is Larry from NE PA and I am addicted to smoked goods. I bought a Smoke Vault 24" last summer...and I have a Weber Spirit E-310 grill.

I got the smoker mainly for smoking peppers that I grow and use in my chili. I use a lot of smoked paprika and it cost a fortune in the store so I decided to make my own. I also use a lot of Poblano and Anaheim peppers as well.

Last summer my son was up from MD and we pulled an all nighter smoking a 17lb brisket and a 7lb & 9lb butt that turned out fantastic. I've also done some ribs and meatloaves since then too. Jerky is on my todo list as soon as I mod my smoker.

I've been lurking around here for quite a while now and I have a project started that I need to pick some brains on. Basically I'm adding a propane tank firebox to the Smoke Vault. I see that some have done so here as well. But more on that when I get the energy to start a thread on it.

Just a heads up...I'm disabled and it takes me time to get around to do things...so if I dont respond right away I'm not ignoring anyone..I will eventually get back to ya. Just cant sit at a computer too long at a time so I'm in and out. Thanks for adding me to your smokey addiction!


P.S....One question...is there a wait period for posting pics here? Be easier to explain things with pics as I have things drawn up on AutoCad.
Hi Larry, and welcome from Iowa!
You can post, and post pics... but your first 10 have to be approved by a moderator or admin. Just to be sure new members are here for the right reasons and not flood the forum with a bunch of spam.

Welcome aboard from Maryland. We have what is known as a gathering a couple places in Pa check out the post when they appear, one is near Port Matilda and one in
Humbles town.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Brokenhandle Brokenhandle ... understood on the posting pics...and appreciated.

HalfSmoked HalfSmoked ... interesting...I was born and raised in the area I'm in now but I lived in the northern MD suburbs of DC for 40 years up until 2018 when I moved back to PA.

I know everyone likes pics so here ya go....the ribs were the first on the smoker after I got it seasoned. Then I did some meatloaf which I got carried away with the amount of meat...but hey what are freezers for. I didnt get one pic of the brisket and pork butts unfortunately as I was so exhausted from pulling an all nighter. I havent done that since my 30's....30 years ago!


Thanks jcam222 jcam222 ...glad to be here.

wimpy69 wimpy69 ... Appreciate the welcome. Yeah Balls Mills is about 8 miles from me. I actually have to head up that way for my build to a Surplus City near there to see what I can scrounge up.
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