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Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jul 23, 2008
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Something good always must come from something not-so-good; you change a habit, you learn something, you do something to improve your lifestyle as long as you be honest and listen to what your body is trying to say to you.

As many of you know, I've had a series of strokes of late that I can only blame myself for.  I don't want to sensationalize it but I know some of the reasons why these have happened and I don't want you to have to go through this at any time in life, nor put your family and friends through it also. The strokes have scared my family and interrupted their lives, have put big burdens on my co-workers, has taken me from my job that friends and strangers can no longer me depend on me to be there to take care of their needs, people stare at my scar and they turn their head, my grandchildren are frightened by it, it just goes on and on how much my actions to myself have affected those that I love and respect and made me realize how selfish I've been to harm myself and they all are paying the consequences along with me; my actions have adversely affected their lives through no fault of their own. It has made me realize that more information, more knowledge is needed to make others aware of it's devastating effects.

The first step is realizing one fact that is inescapable, it's your health and it's your body, you can treat or mistreat it however you wish, but you are not an island, you do not stand alone; what you do and how you do it affects not only you but your family, your friends, your acquaintances, even strangers on the street.  

If there was one saying that could wrap it all up in a nutshell, it is this:

You Are What You Eat

Simple as that.  

Join the vast club of YAWYE (membership of 1 and counting!) members that will try to follow at least sometimes good eating habits knowing that the more you improve your eating habits the better chance of enjoying life you will have and how much others will appreciate it.

Just put YAWYE in your sig line, wherever you wish, to join.  Then, whenever you open your mouth to eat or drink anything, be aware of it, make good choices and tell others you love to join with you too.  Doesn't have to be on here or wear a sign around your neck, just heighten your awareness that what you consume affects others as well as you.  Can we start a movement of bettering our lives one bite at a time?  Thank you so much for reading this.
Wow, Pops, that is soooo true. I've been on a low carb diet because I needed to lose a few pounds and it has made me very aware of what I eat. No more sugar, breads, white flour, etc. My biggest problem now is diet soda. I'm addicted to them, and it's hard as heck getting off that wagon. I found out two really bad things about them. First, any carbonated beverage is bad for you. It get's in to your stomach and creates excess acid, therefore your body has to fight it with a bi-carbonate which is calcium. It actually sucks the calcium out of your bones to fight the acid. That means brittle bones. Not good. The second problem is you become dependent on the carbonation to belch. The first time I went cold turkey off soda I was in agony because I couldn't burp. I know that sounds weird, but it was painful.

So, I'll be the first to join YAWYE. I have also been working on recipes for healthy AND delicious recipes, I'll start posting them as YAWYE recipes. Hugs to ya Pops!
Hahaha, Papa Bear beat me to it. So I'm in second again!
Thank you all so far!

Jennie-O has been advertising heavily on 'switching to Jennie-O Turkey Burgers, enough to pique my interest to the benefits, so... of course, Google it!  Found this seems like an impartial comparison:

[h1]Nutritional Difference Between Hamburgers and Turkey Burgers[/h1][h2]Turkey Burger vs. Hamburger[/h2]


Michele Bell  / [color= rgb(85, 85, 85)]OCTOBER 5, 2010 12:00 PM[/color]  / Read More: Food, Hamburger, Nutritional Value, Versus, Food Comparison,Turkey Burger

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When it comes to burger time, do you gobble or moo? Many people trying to eat a healthier diet opt for a turkey burger believing it will provide them better nutritional value with the same basic taste as its beef counterpart. While some may fly to  the coop, others are still partial to the original version and can't leave the sirloin behind. Before you place your next order, you may want to take a closer look at the two types of meat to see how they compare. You may be hollering, "Where's the beef?" at the next barbecue.

Are you ready to see the turkey vs. beef burger breakdown?

To be sure, it all depends on where you are getting your burger meat — turkey or beef. In order to compare apples to apples, I looked at the extra lean ground beef (not more than four percent fat) and extra lean turkey meat. While there are certainly differences between the two, it may shock some to see that the turkey burger and the hamburger only vary slightly across the board.
 4 ounce ground turkey4 ounce ground beef
Total Fat (g)
Sodium (mg)
Cholesterol (mg)
Protein (g)
The turkey burger has fewer calories, less fat, and a bit more protein. The question usually arises — what about the sodium count? Surprisingly, the two patties are equal on the salty stat. If you need a little more iron in your diet, the cow can help you out as the hamburger patty has a higher dosage of the essential nutrient — 15 percent versus four percent. With the hamburger taking higher points in the calories, fat, and cholesterol departments, it's fairly easy to side with the gobbler. On the other hand, if you just love the taste of a flame-broiled sirloin burger, it's probably OK to choose it since it's not too different from the feathered choice. But remember, it's all about the type of meat you choose. Extra lean helps on both sides of this farm debate!

Which burger version do you prefer?
Great post Pops. I couldn't agree with you more. This is one reason I have learned how to make my own sausages and process more of my own stuff so that I know whats in it and can limit some of the bad stuff.

Pops... Best of luck to you and yours. I have been praying for you and your entire family since the day I heard the bad news. Count me In as my wife and I TRY to eat healthy as well.

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I havent talked to you yet and I underline YET as you are a walking vast of smoking knowledge. I have read alot of your posts and one that my brother and I have read and re read and will prolly read a few more times before we try it is building our own smoke house. You give excellant detail in your threads and we very much appreciate it. When we get over to Dallas/Ft Worth area if you would be willing I would like to sit down with you some where for a cup of something or other, be it tea, coffee. I too watch my diet and watch what I shovel into my mouth. So many things call for sugar, be it white or brown. I dont think we have regular sugar in this house anymore. Its all splenda. Diet soda when its soda, lots of unsweet tea here. We are trimming ALOT of fat off our meats, but I cant say that I do a great job of watching that. My choloresterail isnt horrible but its not the greatest as my doctor gave me a stern talking to on my last visit. Anyway to make a long story short, I would love to join as my family does this as well.



YAWYE (still havent figured out my sig line yet, but will soon.)
Thank you all for joining and fighting health problems one bite at a time!  Tell your friends, neighbors, family, acquaintances about it, i'll see if we can post a certificate on line or something to that affect to join; can anyone help me out on that?  

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way every time and expecting a different result.  If you can change one small thing to better your health, then we've both accomplished something together!  Not big changes or denials ("I'll never smoke meat again") - but trimming some fat, removing the skin, using Splenda instead of sugar, reduce salt, etc.  If you've never started doing anything, then just one change will be a good thing!  Doing all and protecting your health? CONGRATULATIONS!  Join and help us learn too!
Pops, you are one of many that have taught me soo much here, I agree with you 100%, YAWYE!!!

I've lived a life pretty much sickness free, until these last few years, ...I' m a diabetic because of the high blood pressure meds, I have high blood pressure because the doc prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for 6 months rather than operate on my knee injury immediately, ....I didn't take the diabetes seriously, until I had to start insulin, ...I didn't watch what I ate until I learned what diabetes could do to our bodies, ...I don't want them  chopping off one or both of my feet like so many of the people I see here....

So yes friends, we need to take care of ourselves not only for our own sake but like Pops says..., for those we love and those that love and depend on us.

Pops thank you for reminding us we need to think about what we do, I have joined and will post some recipes I have that are low carb and high fiber.
Pop's what a great idea! I propose we take it one step further.... in light of the many members we have lost is the last year or so, and the fact that many of us have weight issues (somewhat due to this most awesome of past times!
) I propose we see if we can get a new forum heading: "Y.A.W.Y.E.". Then as we come up with any "healthy" recipes or ideas we will have a place to put them and share them easily with everybody. Maybe one of the moderators could look into that for us?

I know I personally need to drop a good 100 lbs.
, and am not looking forward to the long haul. Any ideas and support will be much appreciated! So here is to all of us enjoying many many more years of this fine site and all the friendship we have been able to develop through our love of smoked foods!
I am in.  I am only 34, but with a 3 mo old son I need to be eating better and getting in better shape so I can be here for my son.

Pops, I see your post on Turkey burger.  Have you thought of bison/buffalo.  Gives you the the red meat taste, but the healthier beneifts.
pops if your the leader then count me in

i dont have to stop eatin pp though do I?

what if i eat two bran muffins and a plate of broccoli for every pp sandwich?
check with your doctor!

And, that brings up another good point, do you have a PCP?  I didn't for years.  (Primary Care Physician - a family doc).  Didn't want to take time off work or pay for it either... guess what?  Paying for it now!  

pops if your the leader then count me in

i dont have to stop eatin pp though do I?

what if i eat two bran muffins and a plate of broccoli for every pp sandwich? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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