Jimmy Buffit

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Sad indeed. Always loved his music.
Saw him live in Minneapolis around 1980. Concert was simulcast on a local radio station.
I'll never forget his comment (I paraphrase from memory). "This performance is simulcast on XXXX, but the listeners cannot smell all the wonderful stuff you are smoking tonight."
Yeah not me! I was the designated driver that night. I don't remember how many of us packed into an International Scout for the road trip.
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Very sad indeed, RIP, Jimmy

Radio station here ( small independent community station ) did an hour long
tribute show yesterday , nice to have that on while I worked in the yard
Great songs and stories in his songs

Took this one hard. Really liked the guy and his music.
I was listening to the Margaritaville channel on Sirius XM a while back. It was rebroadcast of a live concert he had done several years ago, and he introduced one song in particular with the words, "My mother really hates this song." The crowd roared!
You know which one it is.

Jimmy, we'll be together, now and forever, at the Blue Heaven Rendezvous.
Very sad indeed. RIP Jimmy.
Saw him twice in Cincinnati.
He didn't know why he was so popular there and some tours he would do 5 nights in Cincinnati.

After the show, he would go down to one of the bars along the river and continue to perform there.
I guess the saying is true "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life".
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I am absolutely LOVING the tributes I see of this guy. He was living the dream for sure. This is probably a good place to ask. Best album to start listen to his work? I've played in bands and heard his popular stuff played ad nauseam...

You guys seeing his cameo going viral? CRACKS ME UP seeing him take a sip... Might be THE best cameo ever and I am not really a parrothead.

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Time for some Jimmy Buffett stories.

I went to uni in Nashville and saw some amazing artists in the tiniest venues. The uni had just finished a new student center in the mid-70s. It had a 300-seat theater and a stage. A sign went up at the center that Jimmy was playing one night for students only. Our student ID got us into events free because we paid an "activity fee" for entrance to all campus movies, sports, and concerts.

Jimmy appeared with his guitar and he introduced his "Coral Reefer Band," another guy on a guitar. They sat on two chairs from the adjacent dining hall on the stage.

The set was great and the "No Smoking Allowed" room got smoky (campus cops actually handed out little tin ashtrays at all the "No Smoking Allowed" concerts). At one point a smoky "stick" was being passed down the front row and someone offered it to Jimmy. He shook his head and frowned while repeatedly saying "no," simultaneously motioning for the person to come closer. He took it, continued to say "no," held his guitar in front of his face, inhaled deeply, squeaked out a "no," then handed it to his "band" who did the same before handing it back to the front row.

That's my favorite memory of Jimmy Buffett and still has me laughing as I type this. Ahhh, the 70s. He was truly one of a kind.
Great memory Ray.
Center where I saw him was also supposedly no smoking. They didn't pass out ash trays, but were pretty cool about the number of numbers getting passed around
My no smoke performance was actually a twist, because I sourced the weed for my friends.
Odd thing is the person sitting next to me got a pass around from the neighbors. She looked at me and said "this is much better". I wouldn't know as I don't partake even with the dramatics in earlier post. I got cutoff from the beer they served in the center.
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