Jimmy Buffit

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So sad. Jimmy and Mac MacAnally came to the Truman on my last deployment and played in what is known as the sandbox in Jebel Ali (commonly referred to as gerbil alley). IIRC, they played with the Red Ripper band backing them. I've got a bunch of pics from the ships photographers some where.... lemme see if I can dig them up.

Here ya go... got a folder full but I just grabbed a few. Got a 10 minute video also but its to big to upload.

Brillo head checking out the stage


Him and Mac


View from the crowd.


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Well, sh...crap. Jimmy Buffett was one of my life heros. I saw him play in concert before he was known and after he became a mega-hit. If the smiles he brought to other people buy heavenly grace, he's a Saint.

R.I.P. Jimmy,

or do it like only you can.
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It makes no difference how much or little $ a person has, good folks will always be missed imo, never met him but enjoyed his music, the good thing about it his music will outlive him by a lot of years,
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A sailor, a pilot, a musician, a song writer, a lover of tequila blends, and a damn fine human being. A LEGEND.
The volcano blew and he changed latitudes.
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