Jerk and Salt and “Vinegar” wings.

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Jun 13, 2017
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As many of you have seen I’ve been working away on various fermented hot sauces. I put a few of them to work tonight. Thought I’d post these up as I used three different versions of my fermented hot sauces. Overdue for some wings and raining out so the air fryer got the call. Wings were dried well, lightly dusted with salt and baking powder and uncovered in the frig for 8 hours. I like to go longer but didn’t have time. Coated them in olive oil prior to about 28 minutes @ 399F in the Power XL. First up a spin on salt and vinegar wings with Alabama white sauce. My new White Lightning hot sauce used in place of vinegar in both. Wings were already salted so just dunked in the White Lightning. The sauce is just a mix of the White Lightning , Dukes and some black pepper. Tangy with a kick!
On the hotter end of the spectrum Jamaican jerk wings Heated 4 oz of my Jamaican Fire hot sauce 2 oz butter and whisked to combine. Wings were coated in that m. Served with a spicy mango aioli using my Angry Mango hot sauce, Dukes, a touch of Splenda and a drop or two of mango extract.
As you can see I had mostly flats and for me that’s a great thing! Thanks for looking
Wings look and sound perfect Jeff. Nice Job

Point for sure
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Those wings are looking good, nice color!

Wings look and sound perfect Jeff. Nice Job

Point for sure

mmm wings
mmmmm hot

Fantastic Jeff . I love the flats too .

I bet those taste fantastic !..Great looking wings 👍

Those look killer Jeff. I still haven't tried wings in my air fryer. The vortex on my Weber seems to always get that privilege.
Thanks guys! They hit the spot. The jerk ones light you up lol.
Oh yeah! They look killer.....pun intended! I bet beer. A lot of beer. Was used during this meal. Beautiful color on the wings.
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Wow...those look amazing. I'm loving the sound of the sauces you made, and I love a good batch of wings. Like everything else though, they have gotten stupid expensive to buy. There's a nice little pub that recently opened a couple miles from the house. they serve some really elevated bar food, including really good wings. They come in increments of 5 per order and it's $8 for an order. got 10 wings and it was $16. That's just crazy but I did enjoy them...not as much as I'd enjoy yours though so a double batch of both please :emoji_laughing:

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