Jeff's bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins

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Sep 6, 2015
Dallas, TX
I'm having a panic now as they don't appear to be whole tenderloins. It looks like they've been cut in half. Any ideas on how that will impact the cooking time? :eek:

Just reached 155 after about 75 minutes.

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Just curious as I've never heard of such a thing, what is a turkey tenderloin?

I hadn't either but I believe it's the equivalent of a chicken tender; the inner muscle under the breast.

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They look delicious!



I haven't brined anything before and was really surprised how moist and succulent the meat was. I imagined that soaking them in salty water would make them really salty but that wasn't the case. I've already been asked to do them again next year!

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If you fine the bacon a little on the undercooked side, I have found when wrapping stuff in bacon, like ABT's and scallops, it helps to pre cook the bacon a bit...  these scallops were wrappen in my thick sliced bacon for 20 minutes at 350...  the bacon shrinks a bit...  gets cooked about 1/2 way...  and the finished scallops were perfect as was the bacon>...

I kept smoker around 240 I think. They could've done with a wee bit more smoke on them but I was using my father-in-law's gas smoker and I wasn't overly familiar with it. Bacon was just cooked perfect.

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