Jaternice-ish Sausage, lol

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Jan 19, 2022
I went thru the freezer last week and got all the bites of offal that I had collected over the past year- hearts, kidneys ,livers, tongues... most was from sheep but some from deer. Seamed like to day was a good day to make Jaternice sausage (https://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-recipes/cooked/jaternice-czech)

This is the liver- I blanched it quick to get some of the blood out then cut it up so it would feed into grinder better

This is the other stuff on slow simmer for about 1.5 hrs. I skim all the crud of the top after this photo

This is all the onions, garlic, spices blended together. Some folks leave it chunky

The other meats after cooking

Cut up to go in grinder

So from top to bottom- ground up other meats, barley, onion/ gralic mixture, and liver that was run raw-ish thru grinder

My new stuffer was the bomb!

After a 30 min simmer in broth at 175 deg. Had two to split on me

They turned out pretty good. Pan fry with some brown mustard and a stout beer will make a man out of you!
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That looks great! Was on my list to do for ever and since I was born in czechoslovakia many many years ago I just don't know why not. Am sure one day it will happen. Have made boudin several times and enjoyed the taste.as jiternice is similar am sure to like it also. Thanks for sharing your process.
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Mine came out pretty good flavor wise but it was a bit crumbly
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